Thursday, February 18, 2016

Begging Jeb Bush for Help is like Asking Cancer to save You

Begging Jeb Bush for Help is like Asking Cancer to save You

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For those who do not know Jeb Bush's history in Florida, he not only threw a little boy back behind Castro's Iron Curtain, but he also stood by after milking it for all the political capital he could get out of the death of a helpless woman, to allow her to be dehydrated to death.

Jeb Bush played EVERYONE. He could have place Terri Schiavo into protective custody, but he just stood by and allowed a Citizen of Florida be murdered in the most heinous way.

The worst of this is, is Jeb Bush says he would not change a thing in this and would do it all over again. What is beyond worst is the reality that Bush is running Terri Schiavo's image in political ads as Jeb is dressed up in a Pope suit as some saint protecting life.

The only skills Jeb Bush seems to have is marrying Mexican midgets, raising degenerate children, working at political assassination, alienating Americans, and throwing little children before assault rifles of the police state and murdering invalids.

Never forget the legacy of Jeb Bush as Terri Schiavo is dead because this heinous politician did nothing to save her, but is still trying to use her corpse for political gain, which disgusts all who knew and fought for Terri Schiavo.

Nuff Said.