Thursday, February 18, 2016

An Insider Reveals the Real Ted Cruz

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have a question for the supporters of Ted Cruz, or a series of questions for them to answer.

Do you trust Chuck Norris, that he and his family are right wing?

Would you trust a self made billionaire, from Texas, that Ted Cruz sat down with in a lengthy meeting, because Ted Cruz sought out this man's support and financing to associate with the Cruz campaign?

The reason I am asking the Cruz voters this, is because the billionaire mentioned above is a pro life, and pro women's issue, right wing man named Gary Heavin, who feeds thousands of Haitian children every day, as he puts his money where his political policies are.

Mr. Heavin started Curves, exercise clubs with his wife for 10,000 dollars and made a global empire worth billions, and in that he produced and starred in AmeriGEDDON, a movie which looks a great deal like the things which took place against LaVoy Finicum on a national scale.
The reason Mr. Norris is mentioned, as it is Chuck's son who is involved in this project of AmeriGeddon.

Gary Heavin appeared on Coast to Coast AM with George Noury on Wednesday night, and I cringed when Noury asked Heavin his assessment, as I was certain this was another set up by the elite to push the virtues of Ted Cruz. That is why I was stunned when Gary Heavin started revealing thee exact same revelations which the Lame Cherry has been telling you, in who Rafael Ted Cruz really is.

If you remember, I told you exclusively that Ted Cruz was a recruit of the CIA from his college days, exactly as Obama was. Gary Heavin related that "all you have to do in looking at all of Ted Cruz's advisers and you can see they are all CIA".

Gary Heavin pointed out that Ted Cruz is the stealth candidate of the elite and was put into the race for exactly that purpose.

Gary Heavin stated that Ted Cruz was a conman, another thing which was pointed out here, because David John Oates found this in reverse speech in Ted Cruz said that about himself.

Gary Heavin in questioning Ted Cruz on Ukraine, heard the chilling answers from Ted Cruz, that this insider billionaire knew were the exact polices of the globalists.

Gary Heavin, the Texan in just a few hours of meeting with Ted Cruz, in listening to Ted Cruz, and observing Ted Cruz, concluded what Ted Cruz was, and that is Ted Cruz is a CIA recruit, who is surrounded by CIA handlers, is a conman lying to everyone on the right to dupe them, and when Ted Cruz is in power, Ted Cruz is going to be completing the exact same policies which Obama has.

Gary Heavin stated just like all of you can sense and feel, that someone is in the process of pulling down America, and they mean to finish America off. That someone it should be obvious has chosen Ted Cruz to rule over the dead USA.........a Canadian with absolutely no affinity for Obama and like Stalin.

All of these conclusions are important from Mr. Heavin's insider perspective. He has concluded that Donald Trump is the only chance America has and that this is the end game.

The Lame Cherry has been pointing all of these realities out now for months. When this started, I really had no idea what Ted Cruz was. I honestly confused him at times with that Castro liberal in Texas. I knew something was wrong though the more I started to dig on Ted Cruz, as his image had been cleansed. He was photographed with no one and his record was so full of holes that it looked scripted, as what a sleeper would have, as Barack Obama has.
The more though I dug into Ted Cruz, I concluded exactly what this person was, another intelligence recruit in college, just Bill Clinton was, and that is why Ted Cruz was ushered into the same FOB or Friends of Bush claque, as he was intelligence based just like George H.W. Bush was a college recruit of the CIA and just like Jeb Bush was tapped early to be the Latin American control for the Southern Command.
That is the friction between Cruz and Bush. It is two different departments at Homeland both wanting the same prize promised to both of them, because the cartel always backs the frauds in the race, so the American people end up in most instances with the choice of one of the frauds in the race.

If you want to spend the money, as you are not donating to the Lame Cherry, as you little piss ants are upset that I do not have my head up my ass like you do in being suckered by Ted Cruz, as I know the game and was not duped like you, you can go listen to the Gary Heavin interview, as this is a man who is a billionaire insider, and he knows Ted Cruz, as he sat down behind closed doors and heard all the talking points Ted Cruz was parroting for the cartel.

You Cruz people and all of you Trump people had better listen, because your candidates are going to genocide you, and there is nothing which is going to save any of us. It is going to be a revolution as is being planned for, or there is going to be a scorched earth Great Eurasian War to end you. You are not that intelligent to escape which can not be escaped from.

Ted Cruz duped all of you. Do not be mad at me nor at Donald Trump. He is trying to save you. Put your fury at Jeb Bush and the others, and vote for Mr. Trump, and content yourselves that Sarah Palin and other Tea Party leaders will be in the Government working for you.

There is not any excuse in "proofs" for you just witnessed a fraud Wall Street Journal paid for poll, which lied to the world in showing Ted Cruz had surged to the lead............the SAME DAMN THING WHICH RUSH LIMBAUGH WAS WHISPERING FOR 3 DAYS AS THAT STOOGE OF MOCKINGBIRD KNEW THIS WAS COMING and was ordered to condition you for the results. It was all criminal and all bullshit as Cruz is tanking in the polls and it is Rubio creeping up slowly.
Have you ever seen any media ever back a Tea Party candidate and lie for them? Wake the hell up you morons as Ted Cruz is the insider intelligence minder and he has been lying to you for years, and his one mission was to take out Donald Trump.......and this idiot Cruz confessed to this mission, as he would then inherit the Trump voters. The Trump voters are NEVER voting for this Cruz fraud.

You Cruz voters, have to stop being in a panic and THINK. The Tavistock protocols have you doing things good Christians would never do and having you making excuses for Ted Cruz crimes, as you have transferred who you are and they have transferred Ted Cruz into you, so that you are reacting and not thinking.

Gary Heavin Is On a Mission From God, Franchising and ...

ALMOST HEAVEN Gary Heavin opened his first Curves gym in 1992; his wife, Diana, managed it. He now has 2,901 curves.

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