Thursday, February 11, 2016

Bush Carpetbaggers Arrive in South Carolina

Major General Pierre Beauregard
Hero of States Rights - Fort Sumpter

In 1865 declined a position to lead the Brazilian Army, and declined offers to command the Amries of Romania and Egypt.
"I prefer to live here, poor and forgotten, than to be endowed with honor and riches in a foreign country."

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I see that Mormon Romney is backing Jeb Bush in Christian South Carolina. You know the Mormons in the show up with loads of Mexican and Muslim vermin in your states, along with all of these other "charities", and you end up raped, displaced and murdered by them.
2.3 million dollars Romney is dumping into South Carolina for Jeb Bush. You remember Jeb, as he was the one who said we should all be more like Obama, and that the cure for your poverty was working 80 hours a week, as you are all lazy.
Thing is Jeb Bush has several million dollar mansions he has state police guarding, while you have to contend with the invaders they are profiting off of and fucking. You remember Mormon Romney right? He is the Mexican whose parents fled back to America after the Mexicans ran them out for trying to overthrow Mexico.

Mormon Romney should do everyone a favor and go to the Oregon Standoff, where Mormon Gregory Bretzing likes shooting Mormons........odd part is Mormon Romney does not give a  damn about LaVoy Finicum being murdered, nor other Americans being terrorized, but Mormon Romney just adores Jeb Bush whose grandparent was laundering money for Nazi's during World War II.

Odd is it not that Mormon Romney and Jeb Bush never give a damn about people in Iowa, New Hampshire or South Carolina, until they try and mind rape them, so they can steal an election.

I like South Carolina a great deal. They are the home of the Oregon Stand Off in the issue of States Rights and the 10th Amendment in all rights are reserved by the Individual and not turned over to the federales to persecute a self governing people.

It is my hope that South Carolina bleeds these billionaire fags who hate Evangelicals, piss on the Confederate Flag, get Nicki Haley to trash American Rights as extremist, puts that Lindsey in the gay ear Graham into office, takes those millions of fag dollars as the Lord said, in taking the money from the wicked and put it to glorious South Carolina uses. It is my hope that South Carolina gives Donald John Trump such a massive victory that he sweeps to Super Tuesday in wrapping all of this up.

I received a text mail last night from someone I am not going to identify, but she knows who she is, as she is connected to the inner workings of all of this. I was not going to mention what she said, but I noticed today that Rush Limbaugh repeated exactly what she wrote last night, and that Jeb is going scorched earth, and wants a one on one battle now against Donald Trump.
She mentioned how she would prefer two more people in the race to help Mr. Trump out, but the message was clear that Jeb wants that Super Tuesday venue "where they keep saying Mr. Trump has no organization" will have problems, and it will roll into Florida, where Bush vote fraud steals elections.

So when you are hearing parts of what the billionaire fags are up to, and why they are spending money the way they do, this is what is behind the strategy to inflict Jeb Bush on all of us.

Sincerely, what I would like to see in South Carolina is 65% Donald Trump, 15 15 for Rubio and Cruz and all of you smashing little Jeb Bush back to 3 percent with the other people who are out of the race.

Joel Scoursen who is plugged into the western elites, has stated that he believes Trump and Sanders will prevail in Nevada.....and Scoursen is a Cruz man. He also stated the conversation from these fag billionaires and their proxies is, if Jeb is not their tool, then they are going to hand this over to Hillary Clinton. Yes this is the reality which you have to face. None of this is fair in the least. If Rubio or Cruz keeps weakening things and you think you can get them involved, they are going to be squashed in the general election, as they do not have any of the support. Put it this way, if John McCain backed by mafia gambling money, and Mitt Romney backed by Mormon billions could not keep Obama from stealing two elections, do you really think Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio is any match for this cartel who is funding them only to put Jeb Bush into office?
Ted Cruz went flat line in New Hampshire after he stole Iowa, and Marco Rubio got breathed on by Chris Christie for a TKO in the Granite State. Thee only person who has the resources to stand up to and stop this group of scoundrels is Donald Trump, but it is going to take all of us...........and I am warning you, that you had better understand that this might come to a fight, and Donald Trump may ask you to appear with your loaded guns to secure his Inauguration. Only Mr. Trump can issue such an order as Commander in Chief, and none of you. So do not go running off half cocked, as you witnessed what happens in Oregon if you do not have a national leader.
You keep it in mind, you start stating that Donald Trump is not going to have this election stolen from the American people, and if Mr. Trump says, GO, that you will go with your firearms to secure that victory.
Those powerful people behind this, have got to weigh this reality of 40 million loaded guns for Donald Trump, so they will stop trying to overthrow these elections. This is not over, and you had better understand what this is going to take.

The people of Iowa let America down again in that vote fraud. New Hampshire was alert and stopped the fraud, but not the suppression. It is now up to South Carolina to overcome the frauds there in the political traitors subverting this election in Nicki Haley and Lindsey Graham, and to drive out those damn yankee carpetbaggers of Jeb Bush and Mormon Romney, and for them to remember who let in those minorities to exploit them as slave labor to begin with.

When Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush will not stand up for people in their own religions or for States Rights, what the hell good are any of them, but the same traitorous trash which caused the Civil War which burned old Dixie down.

Back in the day, General William Tecumseh Sherman booted all those damned carpetbaggers out of the South after the Civil War. It is up to South Carolina to defend the Union again, in voting for Donald Trump to secure for them the blessings of liberty again. It is as tough of challenge as in the last days of the Civil War, but it is all of our last best hope, and now it is up to a people who stood for States Rights against the same money magnet cartel of the east, that wanted to break the South.

The South will rise again, as will States Rights, and the answer this time is Donald Trump, to ward off the Revolution coming.

Nuff Said.