Thursday, February 11, 2016

South Carolina are you Listening

Franklin Graham
I have been talking with the last four holdouts in the ‪#‎Oregonstandoff‬ at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge every day by phone for the last week at their request and at the request of the FBI. Last night I was on the phone with them for several hours, was able to have prayer with them, and they have said they would come out today. I am on my way there and hope to be there by 7:00 AM their time. Please keep them, law enforcement officials, and all involved in your prayers, that everyone will be safe.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I could not be more pleased in the Rev. Franklin Graham becoming involved with the Oregon Standoff. I will reveal that on the night LaVoy Finicum was murdered, that I had initiated an attempt to get the clergy in Oregon involved to bring a peaceful resolution to this situation, and I will inform you here, THAT I HEARD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING BACK FROM THESE "CHRISTIANS".

This is why I am delighted that a Christian Minister of national importance has entered this situation. It signals something more in the FBI, that Special Agent Gregory Bretzing is in hot water for this murder of Mr. Finicum, and the current terrorizing of the 4 Americans in this refuge to be followed by murder, means the FBI is blinking as larger things are at work as in a revolution is starting, endangering all of the police state.

Do not mistake this in a victory, as you know how this protocol is played out in war games. Now Gregory Bretzing will blame Dr. Graham for not resolving this, and throw up his hands in blaming Christians, when the FBI goes in and murders these 4 Americans.

Special Agent Bretzing was again terrorizing Americans, as he arrested Cliven Bundy in Portland Oregon, violating Mr. Bundy's free speech rights and his call for freedom of assembly.
Special Agent Bretzing was caught lying again in the following:

The FBI placed agents at barricades around the occupiers' camp, Bretzing said.

"It has never been the FBI's desire to engage these armed occupiers in any way other than through dialogue, and to that end, the FBI has negotiated with patience and restraint in an effort to resolve the situation peacefully," he (Bretzing) said.

The development came as Cliven Bundy — who is the father of Ammon Bundy and led a Nevada standoff with federal authorities in 2014 — was arrested in Portland after encouraging supporters to flock to Oregon to support the occupiers. The FBI confirmed he was taken into custody but declined to provide a reason or other details.

Seriously, "engage only through dialogue". I guess then armored vehicles, with poison gas, assault weapons, parked on these people's doorsteps threatening to the extent of HYSTERIA, is Special Agent Gregory Bretzing's idea of "patience and restraint.
From this it can be projected out that Gregory Bretzing would term a Stalin exile in 60 below Siberia, to a hole in the ground, as a "state paid for vacation retreat".

What Special Agent Gregory Bretzing has enaged in, are violations of human rights before the World Court. He has been nothing but brutal and brutish as he lies to the world about his legal compassion.

I will remind all of the Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter, that when LaVoy Finicum was murdered. He was on the ground moving to surrender still, and he was left there for 10 minutes. IF LAVOY FINICUM was  thought to have had a weapon, the mandatory protocol at that point was to secure that weapon, as you witness on every cop television program in their first priority.
The FBI and Oregon State Police, along with "other agencies" did not move on that "weapon" and by that it reveals they did not believe he had a weapon to threaten them with, and that he was left to bleed out. That is negligent homicide, and Gregory Bretzing can now also be charged with terrorizing and deceiving Americans.

God bless Franklin Graham, as he first check and balance in this against this out of control police state. May we all join now, and forge a political voting block, so that this never takes place again, equally in Chicago with blacks and in Oregon with whites. All of us can join in this to check this murderous regime.

I just pray the FBI does not murder Dr. Graham in an 'accidental' shooting.

I am telling you evangelicals not to put your trust in Ted Cruz who is a con man. You line up behind Dr. Graham in praying with him over this, and let us move to a political solution with a Presidential leader who will stop this forever, and not tell Americans to stand down and be murdered by the FBI as Cruz did.

South Carolina are you listening?


The Bundy Ranch Facebook page reported Cliven Bundy was surrounded by SWAT officers and detained after his arrival from Nevada.

At the final moment after the three had walked out, protester David Fry said he was feeling suicidal and wouldn't give himself up. He demanded to talk to an FBI negotiator by phone as others repeatedly urged him to calm down and walk out.
"I'm a free man and I will die a free man," Fry said as the final drama played out on a live feed online.
As the minutes ticked away, Fry rebuffed supporters, saying he feared going to prison.
Earlier Thursday, Sandy Anderson wrote on Facebook: "It's a very sad day for me as we plan to turn ourselves over to the very people we fought so hard against."
Her husband said in his own post that their stand against what they believe is an overreaching federal government is coming "to an end."
Their surrender came with the involvement of Nevada Assemblywoman Michele Fiore and evangelist Franklin Graham. Fiore, a Republican running for Congress, spent hours on the phone with the occupiers, discussions that were transmitted live into the night via YouTube.

This is Gregory Bretzing's good faith. Surrounding a 74 year old geezer with SWAT, charging him with more of these ridiculous conspiracy charges, and now crushing the American Spirit out of 4 people who believe in the US Constitution by throwing them into prison for years.