Sunday, February 14, 2016

Bush fam and the Supremes

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This coming Presidential election in 2016 is one which is a matter of records, as Jeb Bush likes to progress his record, and in that it reveals a great deal about how much of our rights have been taken away by the President H. W. Bush's choice of liberal David Souter and of President George W. Bush's choice of liberal John Roberts. Those are the facts of Bush fam. and the reality that their judgments have been horrid.

If one simply delves into what the Bush family likes, we can find that Jeb Bush is the one who chose Marco Rubio as Mr. Amnesty and it was George Bush who chose Ted Cruz in Mr. Canada.

With the death of Conservative Justice, Anton Scalia, America has the choice before us, of more homosexuals overloading the court with liberal Obamacare and Obamasod votes,  as Souter and Roberts proved to be, or we as Americans, can stop Jeb Bush in rejecting him, rejecting Bush fam's other failures in Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, and put Donald Trump into the White House, who has pledged to place activist Justices on the court for Conservative values to undo the anarchy which all of these liberals have deluged America with.

There is not any denying any of this. The Bush family makes horrendous legal choices, and when one adds up Souter, Roberts, Rubio and Cruz, it is a pattern of bad choices. I mentioned Marco Rubio for the courts, because he is a rapid activist for Pro Life, and as amnesty or sodomy is not going to appear on the court again, he really could do no harm,  and it would be a peace offering to the Cuban Latins to keep the Trumpicans in office to fix America.

Politics is not Church and politics is not the board room, but politics is an illegal business which must balance all business for the people and be threatened by the hand of God to keep it honest.

- Lame Cherry

There are many reasons to not vote for Jeb Bush, and dead Anton Scalia is now the forefront of this GOP primary and the elections. America did not care that Obama would be installing sodomites on the court, as they were too busy masturbating to the Designer Negro image, but for those who care as Christians, Evangelicals and Veterans do care on the right, the only choice now is Donald Trump, and for him to vet the long list of Judges which George Bush filled the lower courts with. One of my preliminary favorites is U.S. District Court Chief Judge Michael W. Mosman of Oregon. He is a solid citizen, a Mormon who is not going to go flying off liberal, and clerked for some of the most rabid Conservative Justices in history. There are almost 300 to choose from and that is where the start of this begins, first with electing Donald Trump and then making certain his choice is ultra Conservative.........and not a Bush fam fraud.

Jeb Bush wants this on records. Well unfortunately for Bush fam, their record has produced disasters like appointing a non American in Ted Cruz to the White House and three homosexuals to key regime positions which have brought our nation to ruin.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has done his job in delaying an Obama appointee. It is up to us now to do our job and put the right Republican into the White House, so the Court becomes a check and balance, not just on the government, but on itself.

Trump 2016.