Sunday, February 14, 2016

Jeb Bush Terrorizes Veteran With Eminent Domain

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There is breaking news from two websites in which Governor Jeb Bush of Florida terrorized Americans with Eminent Domain.

The first was American Hero, an injured Veteran named Jesse Hardy, was threatened, and driven from his home by the Bush KGB operating in Florida.
Jeb Bush crushed this American's Dream of the pursuit of happiness, in favor of EPA and USDA, just like the BLM attacked LaVoy Finicum and murdered him in Oregon, which was about the fraud of "returning the course of a creek to it's "natural" setting."

Theodore Roosevelt is rolling over in his grave over this, as the priority of America was to have Americans use their property for their benefit, and not for Jeb Bush to sweep in and grab land like Obama does in the West with the BLM.

The second, yes there are two instances now of Jeb Bush going KGB on Americans, in the farmers and private citizens of Florida had their citrus trees which were having some problems with disease. Instead of having the landowners solve the problem as it was their land, their trees and their crops, Jeb Bush swooped in again and destroyed their private property without compensation. Big Citrus was behind this complete destruction of private ownership of citrus fruits as Jeb Bush provided the cover for their monopolization.

Jeb Bush likes to castigate Donald Trump, as does Ted Cruz and John Kasich on Eminent Domain, but they all used it so their elite could drive people from the land and their dreams. Hell, Jeb Bush was damning his brother George for seizing property in Texas for George's baseball team.........but if notice in what Jebby was up to in Florida he was wiping out Veterans who were crippled and wiping out farmers. At least George produced money and jobs in what he was doing. Fricking Jeb just produced plague mosquitoes and destroyed trees.

If Jeb Bush gets into the White House, he is going to unleash this same regime thug state on all of the 50 states just like he did in Florida, and just like the Obama regime murdered Americans in Oregon.

Ted Cruz tells you to stand down to be murdered, as he clutches Eminent Domain for the elite like Bush. John Kasich does the same damn thing in Ohio. At this point, at least Marco Rubio wanted to turn over all the federal land to the states, so they could rape them for profit.

The only Candidate who makes millionaires out of Eminent Domain in trying to get property is Donald Trump, and Mr. Trump if  the person says NO, walks away. Jeb Bush simply swoops in and goes scorched earth as he drags crippled Veterans from their homes.

You remember that about Jeb Bush, as what he did in Florida, he is going to unleash on South Carolina and the rest of America.


Eminent Domain crippled Navy Seal:

Seizing propert without compensation: