Friday, February 19, 2016

But Cruz is already up Mark Levin's Ass

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am pleased that Donald Trump has exposed the Big Koch frauds (one of the Koch brothers came out praising Bernie Sanders today) of Erick Erickson, Glenn Beck and now Mark Levin. (All named as Sean Homo Hannity's good friends.)

Erickson was disgusting early in this primary process in not allowing Black American Ben Carson on the debate stage, along with trying to politically assassinate Donald Trump on that same stage.

This ilk is not my Conservatism and smacks exactly of the Barbara Bush patrician racism against the American race.

Now we have Mark Levin, named propagandist of the Conservative Review, which should just be named the Cruzervative Review.  For Levin hosted a "party" which was nothing but a political event in South Carolina in another few hours of free Ted Cruz political commercials which Cruz gets daily from Limbaugh, Hannity and Levin.

My reason for posting this is Marco Rubio was invited to this event, for a political ambush by Levin and Cruz. This event had nothing to do with Conservatives, but was once again a way from Levin to stab Rubio in the back for his man Ted Cruz.

Rubio saw what was happening, exactly like Megyn  Kelly's political assassination of Donald Trump, and told Mark Levin to stick it up his ass, if he could find room with Ted Cruz living up there, and Senator Rubio left the building.

I know I hit all of these people harder than hell, and I relish in zingers, but the one thing I do not do, will never do, is set someone up for an ambush in betraying them, and that is what Mark Levin bent over to do for Ted Cruz in trying to politically rape Marco Rubio at that mob gathering.

What you had there was again that Mike Gallagher......another homosexual apologist, Levin who promotes gaytardation, then little Michelle Malkin hawking her sick kid now for sympathy, who betrayed the Tea Party in telling us all to trust here that Czargate was what was going to get Obama, and all it did was cement Obama into place, while Malkin sold out for millions.........and in this mix of frauds was Ted Cruz with Goebbells Levin running around like Cassius trying to find Caesar's back.

Mark Levin is a fraud. He is the same garbage as that "Mexican sounding woman who was a Trump "supporter" until ethanol changed her mind and she was now voting for Ted  Cruz" as featured on the Rush Limbaugh propaganda.
Once again a  Cruz brainwashed militant liar calling up to be featured on Limbaugh, in the same exact way that Levin broke ALL RONALD REAGAN TRUST in setting up Marco Rubio to kill Rubio politically.

Exclusive — Michelle Malkin to Join Mark Levin at ...

Michelle Malkin will join Conservative Review with nationally-syndicated radio host Mark Levin, Breitbart News has learned exclusively.

This is something which is that same lurid trash of Peggy Noonan coming out for Obama in 2008 in nothing Conservative at all. It is the same Bushism which Levin is practicing in knocking off all other candidates in thee most criminal of ways. Erickson is racism. Cruz initiates vote fraud and now Levin is the lurid world of Megyn Kelley in setting people up to ruin them politically.

These types of unAmerican activities belong before Special Prosecutors and it is the Lame Cherry call for Federal Grand Juries to investigate all of this from Hillary Clinton now bribing delegates to what Mark Levin carried out in election fraud.

Why is it that only Marco Rubio, Mr. Fan Dance and Mr. E Vote fraud was the only one who had the morals at this Levin inquisition to walk out, while the rest of this mind programmed ilk stood around condoning things that even Richard Nixon would never do.

Mark Levin attacks Teddy Roosevelt and Richard Nixon, two great Republican Presidents. Teddy was loved by the people for being genuine and Nixon was loved by the people, because he had the dirtiest of tricks you just had to admire in politics. There is  nothing American though about Mark Levin or Ted Cruz. It is Havana politics with that Red Square thuggery from this Cuban and Russian imprint of  Trotsky Levin and Castro Cruz.

I want  Ted Cruz to be in the cellar with Jeb Bush, and all the other snakes and out of this Republican Primary. They are liars, conmen and puppets of the very conglomerates who are shooting down LaVoy Finicum and financially raping you all of these Obama years.

Mark Levin is being promoted, because he is supposed to define what "conservative" is, but as this degrades along we see that Mark Levin's conservative is:

  • Allowing Obama foreigners to steal the White House
  • Bending over for Big Koch and Big Wall Street
  • Using mind control programs to trigger people politically
  • Calling Americans kooks
  • Calling Conservative Treehouse vile
  • Setting up Republican Marco Rubio to stab him in the back.

There is nothing Conservative in that, and if you read those points under the name Obama or Clinton, it is exactly what their ilk would be engaged in.

This is no accident that the bully faux Jew of Russia, Mark Levin.........the man who did not know Minnesota was next to North Dakota........the man who did not know that the North Dakota oil field was called Baaken, and he kept calling it BACON, and the man who told all of us that Obama could not be impeached........sadly Mark Levin has been given a new assignment to bully all of us, and to smear all of us that we are the same Obama Cruz criminals and that we believe in the same kind of thug politics of Havana and the third world.

It is time for Donald Trump to take back America and for all of us to take back Conservativism from this shameful Mark Levin.