Friday, February 19, 2016

The Cruz Tolls For Thee

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

You know that old cock, Webster Griffin Tarpley likes talking about the brain of Ted Cruz in how that matter placed within the spin cycle to absolution becomes the washing to cleanse all minds of their reality to become that grey area of the nethers of Canada meeting the pubic hairline separation of Cuba.

Now I must point out how clever the above is, as what we are speaking of is Brainwashing. Clever eh?

Any way back to old cock, as it was he who bathes in the perspiration of FDR's ghost, was nattering about SCL Group awhile back, but no one paid the least bit of attention to the old darling, so the Popular Girl must press the button to set the machine in motion correctly, as everyone just loves listening to women, because they think if they listen to a woman that sex will be involved.

Strategic Communication Laboratories is the version of ..........

In 1990, Nigel Oakes who had a background in TV production and advertising founded the Behaviour Dynamics Institute (BDI) as a research facility for strategic communication.[2] The study of mass behavior and how to change it led him to establish Strategic Communication Laboratories in 1993.[1] Oakes thought that in order to shift mass opinion academic insights as gained through psychologists and anthropologist at BDI should be applied and would be more successful than traditional advertising methods.[3] BDI became an non-profit affiliate of SCL..

This is of course what you would know in archaic eras as Tavistock Institute, becoming Standford, becoming Mockingbird of those Operation Paperclip geniuses of Goebbels genius in moulding human psyche to perform mass goosestepping.

SCL soon enough with Cambridge grey matter started Cambridge Analytica, which has been busy sudsing up minds in America for some time, and their big funder for 2016 AD in the year of our Lord is Robert Mercer, who happens to be the main billionaire covertly funding Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina.

The German sent me a communication about all of this as the French, that would be Viva La Thierry Meyssan, wrote a much better ribbit than old cock did in just accusing Ted of dumping Draino into your minds and flushing all your sense away.

Did you know that France produced only three great beauties? Joan of Arc, Cappucine and Stephanie. That has nothing to do with the above, but sometimes inserting facts into your minds which you do not expect, you will remember them like SCL does as we are all programmable. Oh Nom de Dieu, there would have been no Roxanne if Cyrano had known the beauty of Stephanie.

I digress.......

I just taught you something in now you want to know who Stephanie is, but alas only Richard knows, as it should be.

Now back to the lessons me lads and lasses, as the game is afoot.

So you think on Facebook that all of your data is safe, like all over the internet eh? I told you that Mark Zuckerberg was manipulating minds to suicide, and sickly there is this mad Russian sounding scientist in this, in the right honorable Dr. Aleksandr Kogan of Cambridge who really has been lifting your skirt and digging around in your knickers.

Dr Aleksandr Kogan — Department of Psychology

Biography: Dr. Aleksandr Kogan received his undergraduate training at the University of California, Berkeley, and completed his Ph.D. at the University of Hong Kong.

Kogan put the edge on his teeth among them Chinamen, as no one cares what you do to Chinaman brains, as there are so many of them. Like eating potato chips. Crunch one and you got a whole warehouse full of the blighters to never have to eat just one.
See there is this program in all of this and this is how it works in the Wayback Machine Mr. Peabody.
First you get MI6 and the CIA psychological labs to fund your buying the sales list of clients from Then you send these customers all MTurk data mining, which the troll group responded to, by identifying themselves in their Facebook profiles in all your personal data. (Stop signing into sites with your Facebook account if you need to be told.)
So the data mining was then all transmitted to Kogan's analytical data company, Global Science Research.
Almost instantly,  40 million US voters information was logged, sorted and tracked by GSR. For those who need to be taken by the brain in the next step, after they sorted through all of you morons, who can be triggered to respond to surveys and whose identity is all tied up in Facebook holding them hostage for self worth, that Robert Mercer created for Ted Cruz his CRUZLINGS, a group of E MILITANTS.

For  those who need a bit more brainshake in this, that is why you have noticed all those weird acting Ted Cruz bots showing up being offensive. It is because the Cruz campaign has found a conditioned group of zealots from these zombie Evangelical fringe sect in Evangelicals......and my children, Ben Carson spent a few hundred thousand dollars on this same system for his voters, and that is why when Ted Cruz sent out his trolls to tell the Carson people to vote for Ted Cruz in Iowa........that they lined up on orders and direction and followed the instructions which were triggering them.

Call that a Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter like you never dreamed. This is all factual and if you go to the French gaston's site, you will find the ads there which trigger Cruzlings. Listen to the sound as it is E Torture. I will explain in Ted Cruz's brainwashing ads, are like a gentle caress to all the things you trust in with soothing music, and then the music spikes to jabs, like someone then poking you in that sensitive spot with a stick.
Sound is key in brainwashing, as people trigger to sounds like Pavlov's dog. These ads are about EVERY TIME these Cruzlings once programmed hear Ted Cruz's voice, they will go off in an agitated form and start screaming at people online, in Ben Carson voting blocks or at Rush Limbaugh marathon caller days for Mark Levin. From the way Mark Levin has been going insane at Conservative Treehouse, Dr. Kogan must have had the transmitter turned up to the crazy setting all night.

The protocols of this are interesting, and I post them below:

The interpretation of personal data

Cambridge Analytica then proceded with an evaluation of each profile according the the OCEAN method, as follows :
- « Openness » (appreciation of art, emotion, adventure, uncommon ideas, curiosity and imagination) ;
- « Conscientiousness » (self-discipline, respect for obligations, organisation rather than spontaneity, goal-oriented) ;
- « Extroversion » (energy, positive emotions, tendency to seek stimulation and the company of others, “go-getter”) ;
- « Agreeability » (tendency to be empathetic and cooperative rather than suspicious and antagonistic to others) ;
- « Neuroticism » (tendency to feel unpleasant emotions easily, like anger, anxiety or depression, vulnerability).
For each subject, the study managed to establish a personality graph by using the 240 questions of the NEO PI-R tests – (’Neuroticism-Extroversion-Openness, Personality Inventory - Revised).
On this basis, SCL identified the individuals who constitute sincere, manipulable militants, and then elaborated personalised arguments to convince them.

This is how the Cruzling was created, or more importantly, this is how the Carson voter was created, and with the snap Hypnocruz fingers, they voted for Ted Cruz and disappeared. See Ted Cruz was told this in his intelligence briefings and he thought the Trump voters would respond in like manner, but they are not programmed, even if Limbaugh Cruz keeps trying to say that Trump voters never listen to anything and are all emotion. The fact is Trump voters have done more research on Donald Trump and listened to him, and that is why they are not falling prey to mind manipulations.........the Trump voters are the group who hit the trash bin on the Amazon mailings and Facebook manipulations for data.

All of this is intelligence oriented in the most devious of mind control protocols. That Texan billionaire Heavin was correct when he called Ted Cruz's advisers CIA in mass. James Woolsey is my favorite as he knows things about turning humans into crude oil and there was something about Zika virus showing up where Woolsey's company was operating in dos locations, (You do know that Zika virus is the mask for what shuts down the protein which grows the brain right?) but for those who do not know, James Woolsey was the Director of Central Intelligence for those two CIA college recruits from long ago, in Bill and Hillary Clinton.

R. James Woolsey Jr.: Executive Profile & Biography ...

Mr. R. James Woolsey, also known ... and can help end America's addiction to foreign ... He serves as an Advisor of BioDefense Corporation. Mr. Woolsey is an Of ...

My apologies in that is not James Woolsey, but some who say it is Amanda Carpenter  the propaganda director for Ted Cruz, she used to mind for Jim DeMint in the Senate, before he fled for his life to hide at a think tank, but you never know what you are looking at really, unless the bell goes off and Pavlov's dog starts barking or Hillary Clinton does.

The Concerned American: Ted Cruz's Advisers are Neocons ...

Ted Cruz's Advisers are Neocons, Cartel VIPs ... James Woolsey. Woolsey served as a national security specialist and Director of the CIA in the Clinton administration.

The very intelligence which the CIA began during the World War II, and transformed to the various nestlings of Mockingbird, has now been taken back by the Conglomerates from the NSA, to use against the populations in programming them......and what Ted Cruz has targeted is a group of on the edge, meaning unbalanced voters, who are akin to how Jews are manipulated by their elders, in making them all paranoid to keep them herded up.

This is nothing recent as Ted Cruz was sent in to hijack the Tea Party and replace Sarah Palin. I will not go into again the mystery of how all these anti sodomite leaders suddenly has their children all showing up gay, but all of these operations are intertwined, and the protocols can trigger anyone to react to anything. It just so happens that Ted Cruz's sample is a minority and they are all as offensive as the Ron Paul bots, without the programming.

So now you know how Ted Cruz stole Iowa to the last bot brain. I would hint that Bernie Sander's "donations" are another of these Obama DNC groups who trigger donations easily. If only I could do something so cruel to rich people and have them trigger in donating 350,000 dollars, instead of trusting they will do it as it is only the right thing.

That is why Ted Cruz has been slithering up the skirts of all of those Evangelicals and spiking them that he is Tedsus, the Cuban brother of Christ, making a special appearance, because this is the same Jim Jones delusional group and they are agitated and snorting the green kook aid by the volume. These people really need help as Ted Cruz does not give a damn about them, and after this mind rape of Cambridge is over in a Cruz defeat, these people are going to have some very psychotic episodes in being abandoned, just like Indian girls were committing suicide when deprived of Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook.

That is all criminal as this is not just collecting data. It is mining data, with the expressed purpose of Ted Cruz to exploit that data. These people have already revealed they can be herded with one panic attack in a false Ben Carson story. They are a vulnerable group like those who answer polling calls and do not hang up.

Speaking of which.........just where do you think that odd Wall Street Journal poll with Ted Cruz in the "lead" which was propagandized all over media obtained their specific uber conservative group to skew that poll?

Yes you are finally learning in how this works now eh?

Ted Cruz has sadistically been manipulating the unbalanced minds of the Ted Cruz voters. They simply could not help their reactions. We are going to have to be there for them when they are abandoned by Cruz as they are going to have emotional scars by being mind raped by the Cruz campaign.

Nuff Said

My thanks to the Viking for sharing this Cruz triggering mail. You can assess how they PRAY AND PREY on all those vulnerable minds.

Dear Friend,

This won't be my typical email to you. I hope you will take a moment to read it.

If you are like me, you are probably getting a little tired of all the noise and media frenzy around this campaign. The personal attacks and outright false claims are staggering.

There is so much misleading information flying around on cable TV, the internet and the so-called "mainstream" media -- it's enough to make good people abandon this process and just turn it off altogether.

But, Friend, despite how frustrating this process is -- it is of critical importance. I will never give up fighting for Americans and working to win this campaign because so much is on the line.

I hope and pray you won't give up either.

In fact, I'm so committed to winning this campaign I want to make you a personal commitment today (and in a second I'm going to ask you to make a commitment in return).

First, my commitment to you:

  1. I will always be a consistent conservative -- both in word and deed. You will never have to worry about me caving to the Washington establishment.
  2. I will always shoot straight with you. I will tell the truth. I will apologize when I make a mistake.
  3. I will run an honorable campaign. I will discuss the difference between candidates, but I will not engage in personal negative attacks. And when I'm personally attacked, I will not respond in kind with vicious below-the-belt revenge attacks.
  4. I will be a good steward of your support and financial investment in me. I want you to know your support is faithfully used.
  5. I will work as hard as I can, make personal and professional sacrifices to win this campaign, and reignite liberty in our nation.
I don't make these commitments lightly. They are my heartfelt vows to you.

If you accept these commitments as my open pledge to you, then I'm hoping you will make a commitment to me as well.

Your commitment would mean a great deal to me, as I am just days away from the votes being cast in South Carolina, and the stakes are incredibly high.

Honestly Friend, to win this campaign, I'm going to need your commitment because I cannot do it alone.

That's why I hope you will make the following commitment to me:

  1. Commit to pray. In the words of our savior Jesus Christ, where two or more gather, He is there. And while I am blessed with an incredible prayer team, I hope I can count on your prayers as well.
  2. Commit to vote. No matter which state you live in, your vote will have the power to help shape this country, and I hope you will commit to vote for me.
  3. Commit to support to this campaign and make an important donation when I need it most.
Our campaign is coming up against the most brutal opposition only days before the next primary votes are to be cast, and to overcome it, I need the renewed commitment of each and every supporter of my campaign -- no matter the size.

Friend, thank you for taking the time to read my rather lengthy email. And thank you for considering making a commitment to my campaign.

This is our time, and together we can reignite liberty across America.

Heidi and I are forever grateful for you support.

For liberty,

Ted Cruz