Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Chain of Evidence in LaVoy Finicum Murder

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When Oregon Live was refused the autopsy report on LaVoy Finicum, I decided to ask a question of the Oregon Medical Examiner, in a sort of Captain Kirk sense on Star Trek, in , "If you can not tell me this, can you tell me that instead?"

With that Eugene Gray, kindly as the Medical Examiners' Office replied with the following:


All release of information is done through the Harney County Public Information Officer, 541-525-XXXX.
We will not be doing a press release through this office, at this time.

Thank you,

I am deeply grateful for Mr. Gray's reply, as even if Mr. Gray can not release the data, he has revealed to us a great deal of information.

The above teaches us, that press releases do generate from the Oregon ME, but one is not being issued at this time, but one apparently might appear in the future.

Conjecture in plus minus reveals a great deal in this, in either the ME has been ordered by the federals or the  Governor to keep quiet, once again noting perhaps his safety as that seems to be a theme in this group from Judge Beckerman and the FBI, or he has probably weighed this like most people would in something like, "I do not need this situation destroying my career, as I am caught between two sides in the public, and one side in the State and Federal Police who produced this corpse, and everyone is going to be blaming me."

I am reminded of the coroner who suddenly departed this earth after released of Andrew Breitbart's odd exit of this world. It simply is astute of the ME to punt this back to the people who started this in the proxies of the federal land grab.

That is what this teaches us in, how bizarre this case is. Because we have this strange assemblage of different jurisdictions which something seems unConstitutional about it all.

OK so you understand this, LaVoy Finicum, broke not any Harney County Laws, or he would have been jailed for that. Lavoy Finicum did not break any Oregon State Laws or he and the others would have been indicted on that. This was a federal matter, as the FBI was in the lead with Special Agent Gregory Bretzing, as the complaint was on federal property and a federal charge.
This is where this becomes very muddy in the waters, as LaVoy Finicum was (We do not know for certain as the FBI has been caught in three major lies in this case, so we do not know who really murdered Mr. Finicum.) murdered, according to the FBI which passed the buck on this, by Oregon State Police.

The situation is though that this was a state highway, running through what appears national forest. If you watch this video, the shooter appeared from FEDERAL LAND, and if he was a State officer, he has no jurisdiction on those lands. Meaning, those shooting at LaVoy Finicum were doing so illegally from federal lands in being state employees. This is important, as Mr. Finicum was off the road, past the "right of way" and therefore was murdered on federal lands.
This is akin to the Harney County Sheriff murdering someone 10 feet inside of Grant County. Harney County has no jurisdiction to be shooting anyone in Grant County, because this was a road block, and there was not any active pursuit. Even in that grey area, there is jurisdiction and if the Harney Sheriff was shooting someone in Grant County, he would have to notify Grant County, and obtain release of the prisoner and could not just haul him back across the line, as that would be kidnapping.

We know now that Mr. Finicium was left dying or dead in the snow for 10 minutes, as the other vehicle occupants were terrorized with flash bang and bean bag attacks, as much as the bullets strewing that pickup.

Somewhere in this, then a federal operation, with State police being blamed, LaVoy Finicum's body was taken into the custody of Oregon State Medical Examiner's Office for an autopsy, crossing the line of federal jurisdiction, which is important in this, as the State of Oregon is not prosecuting the Ammon Bundy Group, but this is an FBI complaint, and this is a federal magistrate, and being appealed in the Federal Courts.

So the Oregon ME conducts the autopsy, and is in a position of order or self preservation in not releasing information, in a case which has no legal standing, as there literally is not any criminal case against the corpse of LaVoy Finicum, even if he is named in the FBI complaint in small case letters, and the entire release of information has been booted back to Harney County in whoever the Public Information Officer is.

Literally, we have a federal FBI operation, which is blaming Oregon State Police for this murder, when the OSP was out of their jurisdiction in murdering LaVoy Finicum on federal land, and the State ME's Office is in custody of the body, but the information is now in the custody chain of the Harney County jurisdiction again.

That would be like asking the Dallas Public Relations Officer to explain the autopsy of John F. Kennedy. It makes absolutely not any sense.

What I assume from this, is what started after the first lies of Special Agent Gregory  Bretzing, when he decided to distance the FBI from this to save his career, and place the blame on the Oregon State Police. It is the reality that OSP was suckered into this, and until we know exactly the identity of every single laser dot shooter at the road block, we still have no idea who the murderer was, and the OSP no longer wants any part of this side show, and has kicked it back to Harney County in that little fiefdom there, hoping that the story will die.

The problem in this is, that when the Finicum Family, retains a very expensive attorney to file a Civil Suit in this worth probably 100 million dollars over the torture and murder of LaVoy Finicum, the issue of "jurisdiction" is going to come into play, as much as the chain of command of FBI Special Agent Gregory Bretzing. There is such an antiquated thing of having to deputize or federalize state police or the citizens. It can be muddied up in "everything is federal now" but that is something the courts will hear, and a jury will address.

The liberal Governor of Oregon was calling for the murder of LaVoy Finicum, and her State Police are now being blamed. She was complaining over 100,000 dollars in costs in this operation, but there is now going to be costs of millions in lawyers alone, and when this Civil Case is found for the Finicum Family, it is going to be in that 100 million dollar range.

It makes perfect sense why the Oregon Medical Examiner wants not any part of this, because of the politics, and whoever did this autopsy is going to be ending up in a federal lawsuit being grilled on the witness stand.

These are the issues which are going to be coming to light once the high powered attorneys, start picking the scab off of  this, over and over again. As I stated, Special Agent Gregory Bretzing is going to discover that his superiors who he thought were protecting him, are frowning behind the scenes and his career has ended at FBI, as this is a disaster and the conglomerates who set this in motion are having investments blown and donations to Hillary Clinton evaporate, as this has become a hot button issue.

I think I am going to stop picking the scab on this, before I get picked over.

Post Note: I did not post the Information Officer's Phone Number, as I checked online and a search stated this was a number in Eugene Oregon and that is not Harney County.

I will leave it at that in another matter anti matter day in the Lame Cherry.