Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Iowa Must Seize the Ted Cruz Delegates

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Ted Cruz has fulfilled his strawman role now, when you see Rush Limbaugh tossing this Canadian to the wilds in favor of talking up Marco Rubio. This has always been about Big Koch's people in the GOP race, and Cruz was only a tool to steal votes from Mr. Trump in Iowa, as that is all Ted Cruz was worth.

You know Cruz was generating too much push, in the fraud vote he had, when Glenn Beck cut him off at the knees and made a fool of Rafael in that presidential oath fiasco on stage, as much as Cruz sending out threatening letters to voters.

All of the knives are out now, and Donald Trump, after being stunned at this election fraud by Cruz, is now on track thinking like Donald Trump again, in calling rightfully for the election results to be set aside and more to the point, a new election should take place in Iowa.

Let us face political reality in this. When Ted Cruz lied and lynched Dr. Ben Carson a black  American, in the same way that Red State refused to have black Ben Carson on stage along with Donald Trump in favor of this fraud Ted Cruz and his taco mate Marco Rubio, this did not just destroy Dr. Carson.

Let us face the reality in DONALD TRUMP WON IOWA, except for Cruz election fraud.

With Rubio e vote fraud, Rubio would have appeared as second, but in reality, Dr. Ben Carson would have been lifted to 17% in second place in the Iowa caucus.The headlines would have read, Donald Trump wins big in Iowa, Ben Carson surges with strong second place showing................and lets us face this reality in Ted Cruz by his lying, wiped out  Mike Huckabee, Rick Santorum and Rand Paul.........and yes in this mix, Jeb Bush would have had a larger percentage of votes, as when a mystery 35,000 votes are dumped into a percentage, other candidates vote tallies drop. That means, if you place Ben Carson's votes back from Cruz theft,  that Dr. Carson is probably polling at 22%. Donald Trump would have been around 41%, and for the Rand Paul voters, it is possible that your candidate might have come in third at around 13% of the vote with the Taco Kings down in the Jeb Bush numbers.

So all of you understand, that what Ted Cruz did, disenfranchised EVERY candidate in that race, because it cut the margins and it destroyed the people's voices by destroying their candidates.

This smart ass Rafael Ted Cruz  thinks he can get away with felony crimes in American elections like some Havana party boss. I am calling for the Governor of Iowa to take custody of the Ted Cruz votes, until the convention, in not awarding this fraud Cruz any delegates.
I further call not for another caucus fraud, but instead for a general election in primary voting, and for Ted Cruz to be  penalized in being banned from this ballot due to his criminal acts.

There must be a penalty for Ted Cruz in what he did immediately, followed by a court action in criminal court once a Grand Jury hears this evidence. I have had it with this smarmy Cruz and his deranged Cruzlings now making excuses for crimes against the American Constitution.

At the very least, Iowa needs to remove Ted Cruz from the January results with his votes, and tabulate the results in those percentages then in Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Dr. Ben Carson as the winners, and with that perhaps Rand Paul and other candidates could still be in the race, because the reality is, if Ted Cruz was not in this race, Dr. Carson, and for that matter Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee's votes would have been up in that margin.

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