Monday, February 8, 2016

Checkers 1.0

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am sharing a game I found on Vetusware, as I am in the habit of being skittish about everything, so when I compose this blog, I am surfing, listening to TL, some movie, doing blandishments or what I prefer in playing some non intrusive game.

As this laptop has no cd rom feature in being a little gal, I usually play Spades in the only freeware I ever found that works from which I featured.
To Richard, I did try the 7zip, but my link was a picture just from the site, so I would have downloaded that program, but will someday get it when I do not have a few too many things on my mind.
Thank getting it as I type this.

Anyway, I found this checkers game, as I have Spades, but no easy chess game on this computer which will not take over the screen. if I am not playing Free pleased as have like 69 game winning streak in that one.

So I downloaded this Checkers 1.0 and as I grew playing checkers in being quite good at it, I was expecting a nice relaxing time of it, but in not paying attention it kicked my butt too many times. I just finished the Master setting in winning and it seems almost easier than Intermediate, but the point is, this is a game which grabs a hold of your throat, will not let go, until you kill it. It is lovely too in it has no "UNDO", so as you chat with TL, the next thing you notice is you made a wrong move, when you were winning, and you get the defeat.

I honestly am surprised in a 15.7 kb game that it is this blessed difficult. It makes me appreciate how complex checkers can be, even in some ways, more than chess. So I thought I would share it, as it takes up absolutely no space, works on this XP, so it would work on 7 in the 32 bit.

I found some Battleship games on which are good. I have not had the time though to work out the intricacies of them though, but this checkers is a very good freeware to fill in time as you are stuck writing blogs.

Time for more advil and then chores, and then today for a treat I get a handful of cheesy crackers with a sip of sugar based soda............Lord does that corn syrup not enhance flavors and artificials is like tasting metal. I advocate buying sugar based pop in bringing that back.

Ok about checkers.

King me, the popular girl.