Monday, February 8, 2016

Why some people should not Tweet

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not Tweet nor Twitter. I know if I did, that I would be the best at it like blogging as it takes Inspiration and ability from God.

I picked up a link from Drudge by David Axelrod in his Tweets, and for the first time ever looked at Twitter, and I soon found that like Joe Klein of Swampland should be banned from blogging, as very few people have a talent for it, that every liberal sucks at Tweeting.

Here is Axelrod on Ben Carson not hearing his name called that GOP debate. Axelrod who Tweets for Obama said it was a disaster........bad night for Mr. Trump too. The problem is Axelrod was proven flat ass wrong, meaning when his candidate is not propped up like Obama, that Axelrod has no political instinct.

Feb 6 Manhattan, NY
Already a bad night for and the questioning hasn't begun!

Then we have that weird Lawrence O'Donnell. He does well when he retweets other people's brilliance. Not so good when it is his mind at work.

Taxpayers give big pensions to ex-presidents, precisely so they don't have to sell out. 
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