Sunday, February 28, 2016

David Duke Lives Matter

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Let us set the ground rules here in we all should know that the cartel embarked upon a smear campaign against Donald Trump and decided to make Dr. David Duke the focal point on this issue in stating that the former Klansman like Robert Byrd of the US Senate had endorsed Donald Trump.

The propaganda press then embarked upon a badgering campaign to get Mr. Trump to repudiate the endorsement which Mr. Trump knew absolutely nothing about..........and the reason is, the the Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz media LIED. They made it all up.

Dr. Duke, who is a PHD, has spoken strongly in favor of Donald Trump as many people have in everyone is against the establishment, but he has also stated this:

Dr. David Duke: The Zio Media Lies: I have not endorsed ...

The ZioMedia Lies: Dr. David Duke: I have not endorsed Donald Trump! At this moment the Ziomedia is full of lies stating that I have "endorsed Donald Trump for ...

That is the Truth, in David Duke never endorsed Mr. Trump, and CNN was the only media source which was not lying about this manufactured story.

This has been systematic for some time that Mark Levin, of Big Jew the Khazaran mafia of Russia in bitch slapping Sarah Plain for linking to some anti Semite site and how Donald Trump has been retweeting
"White Supremacist" tweets.........and if you have any brains in your heads, you will figure out that the FBI has you on watch lists as much as the ADL as much as the Southern Poverty Law Center, all meant to intimidate you, so yo roll over and get raped or jailed by the Mexicans or  the police state.

I look at the Trump retweets in the fact that apparently Americans who love being American are the only ones saying anything worth retweeting, as the rest of the propaganda has been rejected by everyone.

There is a fact in this, that if you were given the choice of being the neighbor of David Duke, Al Sharpton or Ted Cruz, that every one of you would pick David Duke, and that includes every black and latin, as David Duke would be in the neighborhood where all these fringe dopers and gangsters would be tagging along to parties at their homes. The fact is most Americans agree with David Duke in the articles he writes and the radio program he broadcasts.

I will give you some examples. David Duke calls Muslim terrorists as terrorists, while Barack Obama refuses to call them terrorists. Who do you agree with Obama or Duke?

David Duke advocates a Mideast peace where both sides are represented fairly for a lasting peace, while Ted Cruz will only favor Jews and have Muslims standing outside dictated to. Who do you agree with Duke or Cruz?

David Duke states you as an American are facing genocide by these state sponsored invaders, do you agree with David Duke or not? So you probably agree with David Duke, and that is why he gets smeared and why they tried to smear Mr. Trump with a faux Duke endorsement, as most of the things you believe in are the subjects that David Duke is writing and speaking about.

There has been over 100 years of deliberate political manipulation to destroy Nationalism in America. The Obama regime engaged in destroying Muslim Nationalism and replacing it with these community organized terrorist communist all throughout the Mideast. The only people now who are allowed to hide in their race are Jews.  Do you not find it odd that the Jews are exporting with Obama millions of Muslims into the west in open cities, while Jews build massive concrete walls to keep Muslims in concentration lands, and Donald Trump is attacked for advocating to build the same wall to stop invasion from Mexico.

It is always the Americans who are evil and criminal, racists and bigots, for not submitting to the police state genocide of them, but no one ever stops the Clintons from shutting down Pennsylvania Avenue, the Pope Vatican Wall or the walls in the Israeli state, as those barriers always have excuses.

This is not an advocacy for David Duke, as he is far too intelligent and gifted debater to need anyone advocating for what he believes. It is though a reality of hypocrisy in the leftist world, and how this group has been smearing the Trump family and getting away with it in criminal acts.

You remember Fred Trump was accused of being KKK, in another lie. Donald Trump now is badgered to repudiate an endorsement which never took place. What comes next? Adolf Hitler was funded by the Trumps? Sorry about that as that is where the Bush family comes in. How about terrorists were funded by the Trumps? Sorry about that as that is what the Romneys were about  in Mormons funded and protected Indian terrorists.

I would that black lives matter would be protesting their real architects of genocide in their democrats, as more blacks have died under Barack Hussein Obama globally, than in the entire Confederate slave trade. That is not going to happen, because the same billionaires who fund Obama, fund Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, fund black lives matters, as it gives blacks something to gravitate toward to confuse them, just like Jews are always told everyone hates them to keep them herded up and voting as leftists.

I will remind everyone that it was Bill and Hillary Clinton who had the Slave Flag as their political symbol in 1996 when they ran for the Presidency, but you never hear about that in the media, and no one asks Hillary Clinton about that, nor about Bill Clinton calling Obama "a smart boy" which is code word for uppity nigger and every black knew it.

Hillary Clinton needs to be asked why she tried to deprive Richard Nixon of his Constitutional Rights. Why Hillary Clinton was politically raping the women Bill Clinton assaulted. Hillary Clinton needs to be asked about her giving the order to burn the Waco children up. Hillary Clinton needs to be asked why she let terrorists out of prison. Hillary Clinton needs to be asked why her uranium donors to the Clinton Foundation drove Oregon ranchers off their land, and why it all led to the murder of LaVoy Finicum.

That does not get asked though, but instead what is featured is more Ted Cruz lies, more Hillary Clinton deceptions and more media lies manufacturing stories like David Duke which never happened.

It all comes down to one reality, and when Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz needed money, they took Donald Trumps, and from Al Sharpton in black lives matter to every one reading this, if you were drowning and David Duke was the only one there with a'd take that rope.