Monday, February 29, 2016

Vice President Jamie Beutler

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I am not going to tell Donald Trump who to pick for his Vice President, Cabinet, Judges or what policies to enact, or how to run his campaign. I simply said at the beginning, LET TRUMP BE TRUMP, and that has worked out well.

I will though in the interest of prejudice and bias, put forward candidates who I believe would be of the greatest asset for Donald Trump to consider. I will make the point that on the forever internet, I was the one on Newsbusters who posted that Sarah Palin was thee only pick for John McCain in which I would vote for him..........that turned out pretty well.

That is why after weighing and reweighing candidates for the Vice President I came up Representative Jamie Beutler of Washington. This is my reasoning.

Mr. Trump as he stated needs an insider to help govern and move legislation. Mrs. Beutler is a Congresswoman, who is the right arm of the most powerful woman in Congress, Washington Representative, Cathy Rodgers.
I had mentioned Mrs. Rodgers previously, but as I survey this chess board, my tactics are that Jamie Beutler knows legislation as has been working on this for Cathy Rodgers. Rodgers if she is in the House, can be the conduit for the Trump White House to progress their promises to America.
If Paul Ryan is primaried, that would be wonderful, but it no, it would be smart to have an alternative, and a Trump White House would back Mrs. Rodgers for Speaker, and she would get that job.

So this takes care of the Trump legislative agenda in a perfect conduit to Congress, as Mrs. Beutler is talented and named one of the rising stars. She is 37 years old, an that means she will be 45 years old when she becomes President. The first female President in America.

What is in it for Mrs. Beutler. She has a child which has suffered a great deal of illness and medical bills. Mr. Trump would make the bill Mrs. Beutler was pressing, and which was stalled in the House in a most disgusting inaction by Boehner Ryan, and it would be worth her while to join the Trump ticket.
This also would appeal to thousands of families in America with chronically sick children.

Advancing Care for Exceptional Kids Act

As Jamie Beutler told Congress, no party has all the answers, and she is just what America needs on a Trump ticket.

Political positions

Herrera Beutler holds generally conservative positions. She is pro-life, having received a 0% rating from NARAL Pro-Choice America and a 100% rating from the National Right to Life Committee in 2012. On economic issues, Herrera Beutler supports defense spending cuts in order to cut back the national deficit, no new taxes on any tax bracket, and supports repealing the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (better known as Obamacare). She voted for Congressman Paul Ryan's budget, which would have lowered taxes for the highest earners from 35% to 25% and also changed Medicare to be a voucher-system.[40] She supports gun ownership rights, does not support requiring background checks for gun registration, and has received an A rating from the National Rifle Association.[41][42] She has stated that marriage "is between one man and one woman."

Now for the nasty business of campaigns which will be addressed.

Jamie Beutler was born in California to a father who was of Mexican descent and an American mother. This is the ethnic candidate which America is ready for in both Latin and European. Having a California birth and Washington  State base, her entire campaign would be on the west coast. Her two primary objectives would be to secure Washington and Oregon, and put California in play with visits there.

She is the west card to Mr. Trump being east of the Mississippi.

Her child will be a political plus, in a sympathy vote. She can be utilized in a don't pick on Jamie, Jamie has to be allowed leeway as she has a sick child, and things like Hillary Clinton makes my child sicker by her campaign picking on me.
Put it this way, the press and public will have a blessed terrible time beating up the girl as they did Sarah Palin, with a sick baby in her arms. The Trig incident was not utilized properly to silence Mrs. Palin's critics. This child while being like all children are for all parents in being a concern, will also be a shield.

(For those who think the above is harsh, this is what the minders churn out for white papers non stop on every subject. I am just providing you with an insider view of how this process works and how every angle is Hillary Clinton will put it out there that Mrs. Beutler should be home tending that sick kid, and it is our side which is not going to let Hamrod get away with it, but make the Clinton camp bleed over it.)

In addition to this, Jamie Beutler is attractive. Attractive in most elections will bring 15% of the vote. I deem that Donald Trump will gain 20% of the vote on looks alone, compared to Hillary Clinton ugly.

So there you have the short white paper on Representative Jamie Beutler. She is legislative gold and becomes platinum with the White House backing Power Rep Cathy Rodgers to get our country back legally.
I would recommend someone like Tom DeLay to assist in crafting legislation, along with Newt Gingrich, to get this done fast, and have them be the stick with Beutler and Rodgers the sugar.

Jamie Beutler brings with her the positives of being a Lady, a Mother, European and Latin in background. She is intelligent, has the ability to get powerful people to support her in industry and politics. She is pretty. She is not Republican down to the grave, but is willing to find the best Conservative way, even if it means appropriately a liberal idea to render it to becoming something acceptable to Conservatives.

Her weaknesses are that she is a State Representative, not a Senator, but that also can be a plus. She is has not yet been in the white hot nuclear inferno of Presidential politics, but in this year of remarks off the cuff, she has plenty of cover.
I believe that with Donald Trump making certain that the Beutler's daughter was cared for, and that the child would be in contact with Mrs. Beutler most evenings (the West Coast strategy), that everything would be acceptable. There is a point in social media, that Jamie Beutler might be able to be big screen appearances for campaign rallies across America, as people would cut her some slack, providing that one of the Trump sons or daughters were there to press the flesh. It would be the one two punch, and no one would forget this woman's strength and plight as we all have had sick family members we needed to protect.

That is about the top skim on this.