Thursday, February 25, 2016

Donald Trump Wins Debate

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Let us get this out of the way first, in Donald Trump won the CNN San Antonio Debate in another Trump Debate.

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Total Votes: 99,876

What I would first like to address though is thee absolute racism of CNN in treating Dr. Ben Carson like a doorstop. The Lame Cherry will fairly trounce this American here, but I will equally stand by Dr. Carson when he is being marginalized at the CNN function in something completely unfair, and Governor Kasich received about the same treatment as a blackman in liberal media.

What struck me in watching this debate is that there were four Republicans on that stage, and one Havana bred mongrel  named Rafael Ted Cruz.
Ted Cruz tried to turn everything around to somehow Donald Trump was responsible for Eve biting into an apple.

Ted Cruz failed as the "master debater" and was more the "masturbator of lies".

- Lame Cherry

All of this proved is that two Cubans in Rubio and Cruz, are needed to take on one American named Donald Trump. A two against one backstreet fight, and Donald Trump kicked both their asses like Chuck Norris.

Two things must be addressed:

Donald Trump is being audited on his taxes. That is why they are not being released. Mr. Trump has been audited for the past 12 years, and he will release the tax forms when the audit is over.

The second point is Donald Trump stated a correct policy on Libya, in we should NOT have gone into Libya nor torn it down when Clinton, Cruz and Rubio were chanting for it, and when the Libyan security forces were slaughtering Libyans, that should have been stopped by the United States, AND THEN the Libyan people would have taken over the situation of overthrow eventually.

The reason for addressing them, is Ted Cruz either has ear infucktion in could not hear Mr. Trump or Ted Cruz is brain dead like a Ken Doll in repeating "liar" in order to cover up the myriad of lies of Rafael Ted Cruz.

The essence is Ted Cruz, having Marco Rubio try to hold Donald Trump's hands behind his back, so Ted could beat on Donald Trump, came off looking like the weak little bully he is.

Donald Trump trounced everyone again.

TRUMP 2016