Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Assassinate LaVoy Finicum Award

A Portland Cheerleader Suitable for Presenting 
thee Assassinate LaVoy Finicum Award

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry simply can not comprehend why the hero who shot down LaVoy Finicum is not being honored by Oregon, and has not been hauled to Washington, DC to be honored by Attorney General Loretta Lynch, FBI Director James Comey, Val-erie Jarrett and image Obama, with the Mrs.

Where are the parades in Portland, the monuments being set up and the National Day of .........well why has image Obama not brought in this fine Oregon sniper to sleep in the Lincoln Bedroom?

Instead it is like everyone is treating the murderer of LaVoy Finicum as some kind of murderer. It has now come to the point that the Oregon legislature is passing a bill to keep the public from knowing the name of the male or female assassin of LaVoy that officer did something wrong.

I mean, everyone has got their bonuses. Everyone has got their accommodations, but no one has gotten a parade or a medal.......or even some bunting with a beer.

To rectify this, the Lame Cherry has taken the time to create the exclusive honor which Oregon, the Oregon State Police, the FBI,  the Justice Department and the Obama regime has not for this job well done.

The Lame Cherry presents:

Official Blasting US Citizens in the brains Medal & Certificate

I am certain that the shooters who blew John F. Kennedy's brains will each get one, the guy who shot Bobby Kennedy, and of course the guy who shot Martin King jr. I am sure there are other heroes not recognized, but that is what this medal is for.

The medal is a tasteful skull and cross bones, over a LaVoy Finicum cross bones, with a nice gold medallion and award suitable for framing.

So instead of hiding this heroes identity, let us all join in and present this fine award to the man or woman who is being blamed in Oregon by the FBI for having blasted LaVoy Finicum in the brains. I am certain that the shooters of Gordon Kahl, the Waco children and the snipers at Ruby Ridge should be awarded this fine LaVoy Finicum and cross bones medal, and certificate suitable for framing.

Let us glorify our fine assassins, lest the American people think that some kind of crime was committed against them.

and let us not forget those damn lawyers thinking they have freedom of speech in America.

In a complaint filed Wednesday with the Oregon State Bar, Clatsop County District Attorney Josh Marquis asserts that attorneys Mike Arnold and Lissa Casey have said far too much to the press regarding the high-profile criminal case involving their client, Ammon Bundy. 

 For anyone keeping track, we have LaVoy Finicum, exercising his Constitutional Rights, the Bundys in prison for exercising their Constitutional Rights, Sheriff Palmer of Grant County under investigation for enforcing Constitutional Rights, and now the attorneys for Ammon Bundy under investigation for conducting their Constitutional Rights.

I told you they are going to intimidate everyone over this, so let us just award the LaVoy Finicum and cross bones award, with certificate suitable for framing.