Monday, February 22, 2016

Free Speech is not Free Listening at 59 a month

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I  wonder how people can be suckered at 59 dollars a month subscription fees for Mark Levin free speech television, as Glenn Beck makes millions doing just that. Who knew there were that many people who liked to masturbate to screaming old pasty white flabby males eh?

I suppose it is all those children from divorced homes, with grandparents having to raise them, and gramps walking in as the dildo and hand job caused orgasms. It must be once one that happens it is like wearing a bag over your head suffocating to death or hearing a gerbil squeak up your ass, and you just have need for it.

I had no idea that the Latin mob which seems to appear on the horizon like rats off a burning ship, as that kind of unity, throws a lucacracha in the jumping bean mix. You know they used to export beans with worms in them, to white people as the main crop in Mexico, as the beans would jump and delight children for a few moments. Certainly better than the Mexicans raping the children.
I really do not know what Cuba exported except Desi Arnez. Most good things stayed in Cuba with Papa Hemingway, like the big bass fish on the end of a rod and things changed when the mafia quit shipping out gambling wealth.

That is why Taco Cruz and Burrito Rubio are fascinating in one thinks these folks all love each other, but they really hate each other. I think their epitaphs will be:

Here lies Ted Cruz
He hates Marco Rubio


Here lies Marco Rubio
Cruz lies elsewhere and all the time

Here is an example, in Ted Cruz pointing out that Marco Rubio is a backstabbing liar, joined at the hip with Chuck Schumer in destroying Republican protection of America from the brown hordes.

Now I can understand why Ted Cruz is upset about this, as Ted snuck across the border, and saw the Promised Land, and hardly wants any more tan skins let in......who will not vote for him.

See Ted Cruz says Marco Rubio is a double tongued liar, who will say anything to get elected, and then make deals to get what he wants as the democrats do not all pro life liberals in the party any more. They like communists as Bernie Sanders, but who pretend they are not communists like Hillary Clinton, but rule as dictators like Birther Obama.

Then of course there is Marco Rubio twittering away that Ted Cruz puts up falsies about Marco trashing the Bible and then Ted is eating the limbs off of US Veterans.

Ted Cruz’s ‘Slap in the Face’ to Our Military Was Disgraceful — That’s Why I Support Marco Rubio -

These Cubans really hate each other. Like those fighting fish who want to rip each other's throats out.

Yes these Cubans really hate each other, but what I can not figure out what it is, that has Mark Levin and Glenn Beck so bent over for Cuban Cruz and not on their knees for Cuban Marco.......then again as it is for all prostitutes, it is Big Koch spreading the love in deciding where the taco sauce is squirted.

Seems unfair that Big Koch loves Ted and hates Marco, but then bi sexuals seem to rev it up for Marco and not for Ted.

It was much easier when  they only let Americans run for President.