Monday, February 22, 2016

To Nevada and Back on Cuban Republican

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In all the perplexities of the modern presidential election, I have come to one conclusion on both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, and that is I like Lee Greenwood and the supporters Marco  Rubio and I like Adam Laxalt and the supporters of Ted Cruz, but I dislike both Senor Cruz and Senor Rubio.

- Lame Cherry

 I can not make up my mind if this Marco Cruzio or Ted Rubuz is the same unlikable union or a chimera produce which worshiped not Ronald Reagan, but instead dreamed of Desi Arnez not coming to America, but their own Lucille Ball.

I desire each of you to REMEMBER this one phrase from the Lame Cherry.

Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are thee exact same political animal. They are Cuban Republicans. A Cuban Republican is a LIBERAL ON DOMESTIC POLICY and CONSERVATIVE ON FOREIGN POLICY.
This does not change due to the genes of Cubans. Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz will always vote for amnesty and will always vote to blow up Muslims.
Cubans are for big spending welfare programs and for pulling triggers in big wars.

If that is what you want for the next 4 years, in another Muslim war and a war with Russia, while all of these Muslims and Latins are given amnesty with the borders still wide open, and the terrorist attacks which will follow, then that is what a vote for Cruz or Rubio WILL bring to America.

This is not about liking what Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio are telling you now, because they said things to get elected and then voted for Obama and Bush policies.
You are being told what you like now, so you like Cruz and Rubio, but they will rule as every Cuban Republican just like every Cuban Democrat has ruled.

Nuff Said