Friday, February 19, 2016

From the Perversions of Bushy Maine

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As has appeared here previously, we discovered that HW Bush in Maine was attending lezbo cake baker wedding ceremonies as their special guest.

In a revisit to not so long ago, we find a perverted "Birthday Party" for Barbara Bush being 84 years old, and for some repulsive reason, tan skinned chicks were there to set on George HW Bush's Viagra lap.

Normal morality, would not have something like this going on in a Christian home, and for that matter in honoring your spouse, there is a point that on her birthday, you do not have Cootie Queen rubbering her pussy on your crotch.
No it does not make any sense. 84 year old Babs has a bikini pool party for tan skins, while all the old white folks are bundled up as it is cold. I just do not recall my Gram ever having a bikini party on her birthday. I remember allot of "tsk tsk tsk" stuff, and I remember her brother at my Grampa's funeral, telling a California cousin she dressed like a whore......but then that is my family where wives do not appreciate coochies on the crotch or have pool parties with the kids.

This is the Bush who throws shoes at Donald Trump, and the family which has more arrests than the Clintons. I am not kidding on that one, as Jeb Bush's family alone has more arrests than Bill and Hillary Clinton.

I am just reminding you of Jeb Bush, and that it was Jeb and George who picked Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz.

Conservative Treehouse outed CBS having pre created graphics to go with Marco Rubio's responses to their questions in South Carolina.

Do you see anything odd with this screen shot from the live CBS debate?

rubio cbs graphic

Perhaps you’ll note – that in order for the CBS production staff to put a Marco Rubio “immigration positiongraphic on the screen, at the exact moment when he was questioned about it – there had to be a particular pre-planned intent.

and then the Bush's made certain that they packed the audience with their stooges again, to cheer Jeb Bush.

This Bush fam is nothing but perverts and gathers to itself only liars and perverts.

and you thought old Barbara was the victim?