Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Future Lower Gold Problems

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am moved to point something out here which the precious metals people have never factored in, in the GOLD to OIL exchange, and only the Lame Cherry has.

Russia and China have immense gold reserves now. If gold is allowed to become in the thousands of dollars per ounce, it would turn China and Russia into economic super powers immediately. That is the clutch, the break, the throttle on this gold  price investment manipulation, because the moment that gold spikes, means Obama 18 trillion debt makes America a forever slave state to China and Russia, and the old European order can not allow that, or those hordes will be eating on those immortals forever.
Problem with having old bodies that feel, but do not die as the spirit is fused into them.

Never mind on that.

Just figure the obvious, in you can not empower the Eurasians with their gold, by spiking your gold.

Nuff said

What Crisis Is The Gold/Oil Ratio Predicting This Time?

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The number of barrels of oil that a single ounce of gold can buy has never, ever been higher.

For the last 30 years, when the ratio of gold-to-oil spikes, something systemically serious occurs globally (as opposed to the usual bullshit "this is transitory" statements).

So what happens next?

Cheap oil makes gold buy more, and takes out the independent oil markets as competitors, as this is what is being designed. The logical process is national socialize it all in confiscation in debt foreclosures, and then start the war, to kill the mob, and to seize all that gold the Russians and Chicoms have stored away.

This is not going to be a recession, but is going to be a super global depression, doubled down on, as the world is already in the Obama Super Depression.