Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Jeb Bush Loves His Ass

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Almost  two generations ago, Winston Churchill explained the political paradigm of the world in this simple phrase:

When people are young they are liberals, because of their hearts, and when they are old, they are conservatives with a brain.

That is the reality of this world politic in most instances, with exceptions like myself, in I was a rabid Conservative as a child,  allowed the foolishness of "second chances" to make me more compassionate for a time, and when betrayed by people to almost my death, I returned to rabid child I was before reaching geezer status.

In that, you may quote Lame Cherry on the first and last reality in this life, and it has to do with everything in both political parties in America.

God only Judges on where you are going and not where you have been.

- Lame Cherry

That is the thing, the reality in life, in God does not care where you have been, as all He looks upon is where you are going to be cemented in place.

There are ignorant attacks on Donald Trump in this race, led by clever little Big Koch scripted smears by Rush Limbaugh, in stating Donald Trump is not Conservative, when Mr.  Trump is the definition of Conservative, because life experience has taught him the valuable lessons that liberal, progressive or left wing lack of morals only destroy life.

The definition of Conservative is simple in it is the mind which values life with an understanding heart that allowing people to destroy themselves and others is wrong. That is who Donald Trump is, and it defines all he is as a Conservative.
Being a Conservative was deliberately twisted, as satan twists Scripture  in what a Christian is. In the Bush era, suddenly Conservatives were tax and spend, gun grabbing, nation invading and sodomite liberals. That is a culture of Obama, a culture of death, and it was the invasion of the Conservative Snatchers which produced an era where people looked around and said they wanted not part of Bush fam, and as people can tell, this Christian Conservative desires no part of that kind of liberal destruction either.

That is what I am trying to explain in this, in what you look at, is not what people are lying about now to get your votes, as a Ted Cruz lies to Tea Party and Evangelicals, after voting for Obamatrade and never finding God until it was a political voting block to exploit like Marco Rubio, is there is a difference in making hard political stands as Donald Trump has which cost him hundreds of millions of dollars on the Secure Borders issue, and a Ted Cruz handing out gifts to Mexicans and then when it is necessary for political gains, to suddenly be against amnesty.

It might surprise some of you in the patterns in this, in Al Gore when he was an American, was Pro Life. He became pro aborticide when it meant gaining the money and backing of the liberal establishment to be President.

The case is true for Hillary Clinton, in she was anti sodomy just a few years ago when it would gain her votes, and now that this has been pushed through for the pedophile agenda, she is pro sodom.

A Pro-Life Al Gore? - Simple Catholicism by Fr. Phil Bloom

A Pro-Life Al Gore? "It is my deep personal conviction that abortion is wrong. I hope that some day we will see the current outrageously large number of abortions ...

Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Jesse Jackson, and Edward Kennedy on ...

AL GORE Gore used to be pro-life, until he decided it wasn't to his benefit politically. I now have copies of Al Gore's voting record on abortion, his letters to ...

Most of our politicians are frauds. They tell you whatever in your state or district is the position to get your vote, and when in Washington, you are dumbfounded when they do not vote out Obamacare.

That is the essence of all of this. It is what people are moving toward each day and on record for. Donald Trump is someone you can see like all Christians have experienced when they are saved, in all the things they used to think was fine, suddenly is something you no longer do, and people who were your sin mates wonder at why you suddenly changed.
I am not stating that Donald Trump had a religious conversion, but Donald Trump has been after experiencing Ronald Reagan, the Bill Clinton who signed into law all of New Gingrich's Contract With America, the disaster of Bush fam, and the disaster of Obama Marxism, that Donald Trump has had a Conversion on the road to Damascus politically.

Each of you has experience with the sodomite relative or kid of a friend. Each of you has come into contact with aborticide in your inner circles. Each of you has an experience with racism. Each of you have experiences with illegals. Each of you know this is not a black and white issue when it hits home. The difference is Donald Trump has already had his experiences, and unlike John Roberts and Anthony Kennedy, Donald Trump is thinking with his experience and not ruining America with his heart.

That is what makes a leader. A leader does what is right for the people or the family, instead of., "It was my kid who raped that girl, so we will just cover all of this up."

When it comes down to the final decisions, you know Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are going to vote for the invaders, because they are prejudiced for them. When it comes down to it, Jeb Bush and John Kasich are going to vote for Big Koch's continued feudal control over America, just like Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Barack Obama have.
When it comes down to it, you know Bernie Sanders is the kind of socialist whose idea of an even playing field is Syrian babies dead, so the conglomerates keep building F 35's which do not work, in your Vermont, as Bernie Sanders brought that industry to Vermont, where some Eurasian can nuke it in a coming war.

The one constant in this, is that Donald Trump comes down on the side of Americans with extreme prejudice, and it does not matter if you are white, brown, black, red or yellow. All that matters is you are an American, who wants a better life than the shit hole you have been shoved into for the past decades.

Donald Trump is matured as Winston Churchill stated to become a Conservative and he will become even more Conservative. The reason Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders have not matured, is because they are Conglomerates, just like Jeb Bush is in rejecting the American base, and Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio are cementing themselves into that treachery.

Most liberals, and liberals should know this who vote for liberals, do not believe a thing they tell people. They view politics as a game like Rahm Emanuel does. As you can witness in Chicago or with image Obama in DC, that their political games get black kids killed as the political lies do not work. There are numbers of Republicans like Orin Hatch and Paul Ryan who are absolute frauds too. It has not been the Military Industrial Complex but the Conglomerate Intelligensia which has been overthrowing America in using sin as the wedge, in order to steal from every American their wealth, thereby making them incapable of rising up or funding an American contender.

Donald Trump is the real American deal. He is Conservative, and those who are spreading lies about him, are conglomerate owned liars. It is where Donald Trump is now, in your present where you are, and he does not like it any more than you do. Donald Trump is not going to lead you, because Donald Trump is already where your heart is.
That is as real for a Bernie Sanders voter as it is for the Tea Party. Each of you want uncomplicated health care, uncomplicated taxes, and people working so you do not have to pay for them not having jobs, so you can enjoy life, and not be upset by this conglomerate world which is infuriating you ever day.

I want every Bernie Sanders voter, voting for Donald Trump as their future. I want every Tea Party voter, ever Hispanic voter and every Evangelical voter, voting for Donald Trump. That is what what Donald Trump is talking about in bringing Americans together. We are never going to agree on the Biblical things and that is for Jesus to decide, but we can agree on things like the Government protecting our lives in giving us the opportunity not to be in debt forever, to give us a comfortable life in peace, no matter the race, creed or color.

You see I want Samuel L. Jackson rich. I want Ron Howard successful. I even want the Obama adopted daughters to be multi millionaires, but in a Republic, their rights stop where mine begin, and that means they can not use that money to destroy my right to life, liberty and pursuit of what I enjoy that is legal, no more than I would ever infringe on their rights.

It is though all about where people are going. Bernie Sanders is  going to the ashes of the Iron Curtain and the rubble of England. Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush are going to the pyre of Obama scorched earth for conglomerates, and Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich are for more of this status quo of Big Koch ruling all of us.

Donald Trump is going to that Reagan Shining City on the Hill. He has witnessed what the ghetto of liberalism and the ivory palaces of conglomeratism have been destroying all of us, and like Ronald  Reagan, he rejected it and is moving to where all of us want to be.

That is why I am voting for Donald Trump, as the world has been set on a course for the Great Eurasian War, and I will not accept that in another Woodrow Wilson or FDR war for the elite. I want an America free from energy dependence on terrorists, making Yankee George Washington deals in trade for America and our partner's benefit, and for all of us to just be emancipated from being sent into shock stun every day by some new torment in the media to inflict upon us.