Thursday, February 25, 2016

HAARP: The Atmospheric Blister

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The following is a discussion of the dynamics of HAARP or the Weather Modification Program. HAARP is a complex issue of missile defense, offensive weaponry and the issue addressed here.
The weather modification was a secondary finding in this, and this is an expose' of this issue.

In the weather modification, it was found that a combination of base elements and compounds which have been appearing in fall out, of aluminum oxide, ethyl dibromide, barium, strontium, that spreading these combinations into the upper atmosphere would "create a volcano" of the air where these events took place.

Ethyl dibromide is in effect an organic compound, used a pesticide, but in HAARP or chemtrails, it is part of the effect soup of what HAARP engages in, in weather modification.

What takes place in chemtrails is a grid pattern of spraying by aircraft. These contrails expand out over a vast area, the size of a normal pressure system, and that is where HAARP begins the process in it begins to boil the atmosphere, just as the sun does in uneven heating and cooling.
In HAARP's protocols though, the boiler effect causes in effect, a mushroom current of air, as one would visualize in a nuclear detonation. Hot air expands in Newtonian Law, and it begins to roll out. One must understand that we are not in a one dimensional earth though, but multiple dimensions, because as this super heated air is producing a mushroom effect, the jet stream is driving this mushroom effect and begins spinning it.

What HAARP creates is Lo pressure systems which spin counter clockwise. This means that an effect appears which I have been studying for the past few years which made absolutely no sense, as in my location, north winds in winter produced warm air, while south winds would bring cold air.
This was hell across America in the growing season, as it was very cool until almost July in America, and this was HAARP's weather modification in attempting to ward off a super drought cycle which has been developing the past years over America's grain production lands of the interior.

It is though why one was being conditioned about the Arctic Vortexes last winter, as that is HAARP in it is producing Lo Pressure systems, which are spinning the mushroom effect, counterclockwise to drive cooling temperatures south, which bring cold south winds, and lifting the warm air north, so a northern wind is warm, even in winter.

I first experienced this effect in a summer storm 3 yeas ago, and have Mom as witness. I had been warm, and a storm from developed, and all are aware that the cold air follows the squall line.
As I stepped out to check the weather, I was stunned in there was an oven bake heat surrounding my location, without any sun, and surrounded by cold air. Yes tornadic activity does circulate hot air and cold air to create the turbulance, but this was super heated air being driven down, when hot air rises.
Down bursts are cold air, not hot air.

The effect of the mushroom effect in the upper atmosphere in HAARP spraying is tell tale. As once the chemtrails appear, within 24 to 36 hours, massive wind storms begin, as the air has been boiled out creating a vaccum. Air fills that void and it comes rushing in, in the like intensity it has been driven out by HAARP.

Think of what HAARP is activating are land hurricanes or cyclones. These are not weather fronts, but the equal of what traditionally was the case for years in Lo pressure systems in Africa being produced naturally, moving west across the Atlantic and forming hurricanes over water.
The problem is, the Amerian interior does not have water, and that is why it does not produce Lo pressure systems, but instead they are produced in the Pacific, slam into the west coast and produce weather in America. The alert that this is now manmade, is these weather systems are forming over the Canadian America line.

It is bizarre in the weater there, as the eye witness accounts, show no rain. Then suddenly it is POOF, and it rains in these sullen non moving systems. Americans are bewildered in these locations as they question, "Where in the hell did the rain come from?", as there are no weather patterns.

California gets slammed or Texas by a weather front, and they never touch the American interior as they should, and instead skirt the coastal regions. The reason is that HAARP is boiling the atmosphere in the interior and the air plume is driving storms out to water other coastal areas.
It will be most interesting to witness just what El Nino will produce for weather in America, as there was a massive Hi pressure system in the Pacific keeping out Asian pollution storms, which affected the El Ninio surge to delaying it. It returned with a massive Pacific hurricane, a record storm, slamming into Mexico and creating another Texas deluge.

As God and weather pretty much did very well without HAARP in the history of mankind, this new modification is bizarre, as it focuses on food supply production, but creates nothing of the weather for gardening or anything else, as HAARP weather is bust and boom. Literally there are massive deluges, followed by intense drought cycles.
The American Great Plains were created perfectly for cereal production by God. About 1 inch of rain every 11 days, and a dry August for harvest. What has been taking place in the past years are the westerly air flows are gone. The wins blow from the east nonstop. The rain comes in 2 to 4 inch bursts once a month or once every two months, and then it is dust sucking dry.
From what I have monitored, the Monsanto GMO weeds which are poisoning the world do well in this kind of extreme weather, as normal crops would not produce in this kind of stress.

That though is another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter concerning the dynamics of HAARP in how it produces weather, and the effects of it.

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