Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Head or Gut

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

On October 9th, 2012 AD in the year of our Lord, the New York Times broke a story leaked to it, concerning an unnumbered Task Force which had been dispatched to the Kingdom of Jordan to "insulate" it from the Syrian Civil War which the Obama regime had initiated.

It is necessary to remind readers that on September 11th, 2012, the Obama regime had been busy in building upon the work of George Soros getting Col. Khadaffi to release terrorists from prisons in Libya, which led to the night in Benghazi, when sodomite Ambassador Chris Stevens was anal rape murdered along with 3 other Americans, on a mission he thought he had been sent on, to gain the return of Libyan weapons which had been removed from Libya for the Obama Syrian War being run out of Turkey and out of Jordan in training.

The reason all of this matters is, this is how the Obama regime has been engaged in Diplomatic Murder as a tool of state, in removing nationalist Muslims, and replacing them with community or communist terrorists in the Mideast, while the US taxpayer has been propping up nations with Task Forces in a Murder Inc. series of operations.

I am going to provide you the published lists of Task Forces.

Task Force 373: American force operating in Afghanistan out of German base in Mazar e Sharif. Structured with U.S. Special Operations, among others the 7th Special Forces Group, 160th SOAR, Navy SEALs, & MARSOC Marines.

Task Force 121: Amagagmation of Task Forces 5 & 20. Structure  U.S. Army's Delta Force, 75th Ranger Regiment, and 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, the U.S. Navy's SEAL Team Six , the CIA's Special Activities Division, U.S. Air Force Combat Controllers, Pararescuemen, Tactical Air Control Party operators, and Special Operations Weather Technicians, the Aviation Tactics Evaluation Group (AvTEG), and the Joint Communications Unit. Two Troops from the U.S. Army 1st Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment provided armor support for the Task Force. On occasions, operators from Coalition nations (particularly Canadia)

Task Force 88: United Kingdom Special Forces including of Delta Force, 75th Ranger Regiment Rangers, members of the USAF 24th Special Tactics Squadron, and Navy DEVGRU operators.

Task Force 6-26, 6-30: American force operating as civilian military unit,  Delta Force, DEVGRU, 24 STS and the 75th Ranger Regiment along with the CIA's Special Activities Division. Other military and DIA personnel are believed to have been involved as 'limited' members of the unit, along with FBI agents.

These task forces are the hunter killer units, who have assassinated with carte blanche thousands of people around the globe. They graduate from sniper to direct drone strikes, where the numbers of women and children mount as the "target" is neutralized.
They are the "known" strike forces operating directly from the White House, in the Obama "kill lists", which have absolutely no oversight, and are assembled by NSA electronic intelligence and targeted.

What I have pointed out previously is, if one reviews the Drone Screens which the operators manage, they are lit up with electronic tracking of cell phones, with numbers of them being "friendly" in NO STRIKE protection. Meaning the cell phones of US assets are used as beacons to keep track of US assets or "good terrorists" while the "bad terrorists" are constantly monitored via electronic transmission.
To put it bluntly, all of those new Toyotas the Obama ISIS was parading around in, are the same vehicles you have with computers, which track every automobile manufactured on the planet. The cars, computers, and yes a "bad Muslims" favorite food which is implanted with RFID tracking chips, are all part of this sophisticated grid, which is long on electronic kills, but missing hard interview intelligence.

Granted the Obama regime has been so busy creating it's own terror syndicate, to challenge al Qaeda, and having murdered most of the Taliban, to leave the dope runner Taliban to glean Afghanistan that not a great deal of "real terror" is left, but this is how the system operates.

What the Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter is though, asks what are the missing Task Force numbers, which are incorporating FBI and the ultra notorious BATFE, which you will recall was in Iraq......monitoring background checks in Iraq of people not even Americans, in what in these Sub Operational Groups is linking up with contracted Delta Force and other mercenaries, whose orders are the tracking and murdering Americans on American soil.

Do you think the Diaspora Dead or Andew Breitbart just get neutralized by Americans? No just like John Kennedy, there are perameters in which the English, Germans, French, Spanish, Greeks, just do not murder their own citizens, but like the day after Benghazi, a team of civilian and military personnel to tap Muslims in the skull who think they can ass rape a US Ambassador when  that Ambassador was supposed to be a hostage to be rescued by TEAM 6 to glorify Obama and exercise the mists of Jimmy Carter hostage rescue failures.

It is the reality that for Americans, there are the paramilitary BATFE assassins, there are the unnumbered Task Forces, and then there are the foreign task forces leaving no trails, except their incoming and departure signatures of "no check".

None of this is warfare, no more than Andrew Breitbart going puff pink or Bob Costas getting pink eye for praising Vladimir Putin as the peacemaker in the world. It is murder with absolutely no intelligence or diplomacy. It is bombing Tokyo and Dresden with firebombs to scorch a few non cooperative targets.
If you do not think that went on in Japan, then you probably never heard of the chief war crime investigator on MacArthur's staff, who decided during the war to divert B 29 missions from key Japanese cities, because a Japanese woman he was in love with, was in those locations.

The modern cases are not that romantic, just murderous in camels, women and children being TOW fragged, because some Muslim refused to grow poppy instead of bend at the knees.

This is what your American regime now operates at, a created structure which accepts murder which is against American Law, and sometimes has Barry Seal lead injected in Louisiana.

The US taxpayer trains men and women to be elite forces, who then follow orders so bodies become all the same, and sometimes they contract out to civilian mercenary corporations, and then the conglomerates who manage all of this, have their own eradication group that everyone either denies exists or is so busy glorifying that when they get hit in Afghanistan by another group, no one bothers to care.

No one bothers to care.

Oh and Task Force 48-4. That would be the Obama Horn of Africa Unit of the place of Birther abstracts assassinating American kids in Yemen and other Minnesota migrants gone home in Somalia. That is unless it is Task Force 48 in delivering humanitarian aide to Haiti.
Quite clever in that, in mirror imaging Task Forces.......you are not supposed to know things like that.

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