Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ammon Bundy and LaVoy Finicum were Standing Down


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I want to share something absolutely sickening. The sort of double vomit from being hit in the groin a second time.

Attorney Todd  MacFarland is the legal representative of the LaVoy Finicum family, and wrote just days before Mr. Finicum's murder on January 25th, 2016, an account explaining what had moved Ammon Bundy to Oregon, after the Bundy Ranch stand off, in which Mr. Bundy was brutally assaulted for looking in a dump truck on a road, in which he was beaten, a police dog was set upon him, and he was tasered four times, as his Aunt was thrown to the ground.
It was this backdrop that Ammon Bundy was welcomed by the Ranchers in Oregon, under siege by the BLM. In this, the Ranchers were bringing in food, supplies and meeting the Patriots at Malheur.

There is something extremely chilling about reading Mr. MacFarland's account on the 25th, in knowing what was about to happen a few days later.

The damning thing about what Mr. MacFarland's article is that there was a process involved by the  Oregon Ranchers to respectfully ask Mr. Bundy to end being at Malheur. The Ranchers though were still split though in not wanting Mr. Bundy to leave too soon, the meaning being the Oregon people were still hoping for more attention in order to relieve their plight in being terrorized by the BLM.

Here is the explanation on what the Oregonians were up to. They had met with Mr. Bundy prior to the weekend of the 25th, and were going to present their plan for leaving the refuge on the 30th.

The executive committee — essentially the task force elected by locals to deal with the situation — had drafted a very respectful letter to Ammon, asking him to leave the refuge.  They had shown him a draft of the letter just to help him understand where they were headed, and let him start making plans accordingly, but they didn’t vote on what to do with the letter until that evening.  And when they voted, the committee was split on what to do.  They all wanted to sign the letter and deliver it to Ammon, but half the committee did not believe they were ready to do it YET.  Their biggest concern was what might happen if he pulled out too soon.  So they have the letter, and my understanding is that they intend to sign and deliver it when a majority of the committee believes it is time — possibly as early as this coming weekend

In understanding the back drop of this, the closing statement of Attorney MacFarland is explosive and is posted here, as to what the meeting at Grant County, with the Sheriff, the Paiute and the community, was about really.

 There are more meetings scheduled for Friday night, including a pubilc meeting a a large venue, where Ammon is slated to come and explain to the whole community his plan for leaving the refuge.

Do not miss that point. Ammon Bundy was about to address to the people there, HIS EXIT STRATEGY.

I repeat this, so it resonates. Ammon Bundy as of January 25th, 2016 had already planned to leave the refuge, with all the people there, and was going to explain this in public.

Now to the damning point in this. It is a reality that there were FBI moles in the Malheur reporting on what was taking place there. There were cell phone conversations being listened to, between the Grant County Sheriff and Ammon Bundy. The FBI in Special Agent Gregory Bretzing knew that Ammon Bundy was going to announce his exit from Malheur, and knowing this, Bretzing rushed forward an operation for a violent propaganda event, to bring prestige to the FBI and gain advancement inside the FBI.

It explains what LaVoy Finicum and others had noted in the last interview before he was murdered, that there was a massive build up, in signaling something was about to happen.

I repeat in this, the FBI under surveillance knew that Ammon Bundy and all of these people were going to be gone in the near future, literally perhaps by February 1st, and instead of allowing this to wind down, Gregory Bretzing unleashed scorched earth, as Joel Scoursen warned in his writings, the federals were not going to allow these people a second win.

The above statements of Attorney MacFarland, not aware of what was about to be unleashed, prove that there was premeditation of murder, in the Oregon FBI was not going to allow these Americans to peacefully exit. Now comes the issue of what did Attorney General Loretta Lynch know, what did Director James Comey know, what did image Obama know, and most importantly, was Gregory Bretzing keeping his superiors  in the dark, seeking his own glory, or was he following the orders from DC in his superiors to not allow Ammon Bundy to leave peacefully.

What took place on the night that LaVoy Finicum was murdered, now begins to be even more sinister, as it plays out that an FBI mole isolated Mr. Bundy for his trophy arrest, and there was a deliberate flush and shoot operation, which was directly targeting LaVoy Finicum for murder. There was to be a trophy for a show trial and a trophy of a dead man for them to hang on the wall.

It is a reality that DC signed off on this operation, and knew of it. Now comes the conspiracy of black and white. Did Special Agent Bretzing withhold the information that the Bundy Group were vacating the refuge, so DC is innocent, or is it a reality that DC knew the Bundy Group were leaving and allowed them to be set up as at Hutatree to send a message to Americans to intimidate and terrify them.

This is thee most stunning revelation in this entire time line. There is no doubting the fact of this officer of the court in Mr. MacFarland being honest. He had no idea of what was coming, and in attempting to explain how the Finicum Family were in process of bringing LaVoy home, that what he was recording was reality that the FBI knew this situation was coming to an end in a few days, and moved with murderous intent before it could end.

It does not make any difference in this, if it would have taken Ammon Bundy a month to leave, because he was leaving at some point, with the full support of the Oregon Ranchers. The FBI knew all of this, and they deliberately unleashed murderous events in a tactical plan to achieve these exact results.

It explains why Gregory Bretzing was preening before cameras the next day in being pleased with his operation, as it turned out exactly as he intended, with absolutely no mention of regrets for the taking of life. It explains why Gregory Bretzing thought he could lie about the content of the murder video, in thinking he had complete cover.
It explains as this murder fall out began, that Gregory Bretzing began distancing himself from the operation as only listening and now the full blame resting upon, supposedly the Oregon State Police for the kill shot on LaVoy Finicum, as Gregory Bretzing moved to cover up mode and shifting the blame to the people of Oregon.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The safety committee was trying to plan a big meeting for this coming Friday night where Ammon Bundy was supposed to come explain his plans for leaving the refuge, so they arranged to hold the meeting at the largest venue in the whole county