Wednesday, February 24, 2016

image Obama's Supreme Court Pick

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Some of you have heard that image Obama is vetting Nevada Governor, (Repbublican) Brian Sandoval to replace Justice Scalia........let me just start this out with, if you put Harry Reid, Kaga, Sotomeyer and Ginsburg in a balance and Sandoval in the other balance........Sandoval would outweigh all of these liberals combined.
Hell Sandoval makes Marco Rubio look like a flaming Reaganite compared to what this Latino has pulled.

Sandoval is the mirror image of Michael Bloomberg and Barack Obama.

Here is his record:

The abortion rights governor has embraced Obamacare; lauded immigration reform and DREAMers; fiercely championed renewable energy; and taken lesser known actions on police body cameras, driver’s licenses for undocumented aliens and multiple moves to squelch Republican-led tort reform.

It gets worse as he hiked taxes in Nevada to reward teacher's unions.

You probably knew why this twister Obama regime was picking this liberal Latin, as it is just another political 2016 election tampering gambit with the Jarrett Caption: "Republicans are racist and hate their own GOP Latins".

Seriously, this is the reason for the Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio voters to VOTE FOR DONALD TRUMP, as Mr. Trump is going to haul Hillary Clinton into court, and it is past time this Obama regime be hauled into court for all of it's election fraud, starting with the 2008 stolen elections, Al Franken being installed, Harry Reid stealing the vote in Nevada, and lastly sabotaging Hillary Clinton in leaking emailgate and now this using the Supreme Court to tamper with elections.

Nuff Said.