Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Burn Monkey Zuckerberg

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was thinking with ISIS now upset with Mark Zuckerberg over something that Obama's main terrorists have been doing things all wrong.

ISIS supporters threaten Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey ...

A group of ISIS supporters has threatened to take down Facebook and Twitter -- as well as their leaders. Photos of Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey appear ...

I mean, look at terrorists in they have been doing it since like 1972 in the Munich Olympics, so that is like almost 45 years. Terrorism has not really gotten terrorists anything, except, well Obama putting them in charge in of the dope trade.

Look at it this way, that San Bernardino shooting, like 9 11 meant to terrorize those head loppings, they just have not done anything in accomplishing anything in fear or whatever. So what if  terrorists stopped murdering people we cared about or didn't care about, and started murdering people Americans hated?

I think Americans could work a better deal than Obama in the dope trade. Probably give them terrorists robotic virgins, 79 of them and an oasis with a room for a camel. Be what every terrorist dreams of. I think that Americans would be inclined to do this, if ISIS started CNN pointed the finger at Mark Zuckerberg, let's just look at him.

Americans hate him. Zuckerberg terrorizes everyone on Facebook. The Indian people hate Zuckerberg as they denies his free internet. Europe sues Zuckerberg all the time so they hate him too. So what if like ISIS went after Zuckerberg as they already are pissed off at him?
Think of it  this way, not like it would be any San Bernardino thing, but what if ISIS snuck and and grabbed Zuckerberg at his fortress. You know his Peking wife, now that she got the kid, would not miss Zuckerberg and be glad to see him gone.....all that money is in a charity now and she could use it to be Queen of Peking or something in buying good will.

So the terrorists haul Zuckerberg back to Iraq, and they do something like a reality television show like the Kardashians. I don't know what it would be, but maybe they would show an Obama drone hovering around, and release Zuckerberg into a mine field, and turn loose savage rabid jackals after him, so he would have to flee for his life.
Zuckerberg would be told if he made it out, he could be free to terrorize Americans, but if he made it, an ISIS corp of hot burka chics would pop out at the end, beat him with tampons and drag him back to the bunker and the world could watch it all again.

I would think that America has like thousands of Zuckerbergs that, there could be an online poll of......Americans could vote.......think I saw on where everyone was annoyed by Justin Bieber, so like ISIS would see that poll, and capture him and think up reality television shows to make JB run the gauntlet like Zuckerberg. I bet the ad revenues would be through the roof, and ISIS would not have to sell oil or dope any more. Be the best deal in the world really.......terrorists who really do some good in taking out the people in society that everyone hates. ISIS would become the greatest thing to come along since........I don't know what that would be, but it is a start that I am sure could be worked out.

Yeah Mark Zuckerberg dressed in a Wonder Woman costume, screaming like a girl, running through a mine field, wild rabid jackals chasing him, and cut aways to Bill Maher servicing some black chic from behind as he eats chips off her back.......and then the burka girls pop out and capture Zuckerberg and beat him with tampons, and drag him back to the bunker behind crazed sheep, for another go at it the next week.

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