Monday, February 22, 2016

Into the Closet with Ted & Ben

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was thinking about questions, so I inquired about that closet meeting guarded by Secret Service which was demanded by Ted Cruz in a command performance from Dr. Ben Carson.

So you understand this, Carson was like a boomerang effect against Cruz. Cruz sabotaged the Carson campaign by stealing it in Iowa, but it was like Cruz sunk Carson's boat with a cheap shot, but the Cruz cannon ripped the bottom out of Ted's boat.
Cruz could not make it go away. The undertow took him out in New Hampshire, and it was pulling Cruz to the bottom in South Carolina.......he had hit the Carson ceiling.

In the closet, Cruz offered a quid pro quo. Cruz has dirt on Ben Carson. Inquiry points to it is something about that missing receptionist that Carson wanted gone. She is alive inquiry points to, but her story is bad news. Cruz offered to keep quiet on it, if Carson would come out and nuke Donald Trump in a hail mary, as Cruz knew by the polling that he had lost traction in South Carolina and Rubio was gaining.

At the Mark Levin - Ted Cruz love fest, someone did warn Marco Rubio to stay away. Inquiry reports it was Donald Trump's people who told Rubio it was a set up, and Rubio ran like the wind. That is why Levin was furious, as that set up was crucial to gain traction for Cruz, and with Carson denouncing Trump, Cruz would have elevated in the heinous race politics in South Carolina.
Cruz was making Confederate flag calls to knock Donald Trump out with the white vote and was trying to use Carson to knock out trump on another issue with the black vote. This is one nasty double dealer.
The night was supposed to be Carson coming out trashing Donald  Trump for the headlines and for Levin to maul Rubio in a reprisal of the Chris Christie roll.

For those not around, back in the Richard Nixon day, there were political leaders sent in to tell Richard Nixon it was time to go. That is the kind of leverage  that appeared in Jeb's closet and hinted at before. He was told he was dead weight and "they" needed his few voters infused into a candidate to challenge Trump, as Jebus had failed. He was not going to receive any more support, and told he was not going to be on the ticket.
He was offered Secretary of State in the cabinet if Cruz or Rubio somehow pull off an upset.

That should get some traction.

PS: What Inquiry says Cruz has on Carson is the woman thinks Carson is nuts. She ran for her life. Thought he was going to kill her.

Just thought of something in now we have extortion added to the list of Cruz crimes.

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