Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Iowa Vote Fraud

Even Large Breasts Do Not Comfort Vote Fraud In Iowa

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Ask yourself, how is it that the polling of every group was wrong in Iowa and Ted Cruz and Hillary Clinton won?

Why would it be in inquiry that I found that Ben Carson had around 10 percent, Rand Paul around 6 and Jeb Bush around 3, with Cruz and Rubio both in the low digits, Donald Trump winning, and when the election numbers appeared, only Donald Trump went down, in a "voting spike", while Carson, Paul and Bush remained the same, and Rafael Ted Cruz somehow gained 25 points?

There is massive vote fraud in Iowa, and it is not just the Mexican beaners and turban heads there, but the Christians are involved as much as other groups in that caucus state, and that is how the vote is being flipped, in these miracles of Rick Santorum spiking out of nowhere. It is happening in e voter fraud and in these "bus about" voters.

Obama did this in 2008, importing busloads of Chicago voters into Iowa to steal the election from Hillary Clinton.
Hillary Clinton was down 5 points to Bernie Sanders the day before this stolen election, and somehow 5% of the voters appeared.

Sean Homo Hannity, on election day, was chattering on as he always does, and blurted out in a Reverse Speech moment, that 33 thousand 35 would make the difference. A brain stutter like that, means he was calculating on something someone had warned him of. This was the plug in vote which was floating around, and if you are following this closely, you will notice that no one in media is stating where these Cruz and Rubio "strongholds" were, because there are none.

This was about overthrowing the Donald Trump victory. The powers that be, announced there was going to be a massive vote spike........the powers that be told everyone there was going to be a horrendous blizzard, saying it would hit on election day when it would not hit until the NEXT DAY to suppress real  voters.

Look at this fraud in Iowa, because they do not have to produce any Voter ID. If you noticed as TL did yesterday that the Obama justice department struck down South Carolina required Voter ID, along with North Carolina, Wisconsin and Texas, maybe you will be bright enough to figure out something in the regime is making this easier for their choices to flip elections with fraud, and it makes it easier for the greasers in the GOP to neutralize Donald Trump, so the Obama choice will flatten the Taco Kings.

Look at the GOP votes from the Los Angeles Times, and you will see that Donald Trump FLATTENED everyone in regions free from Mexican slave labor, and where Mexicans showing up in buses would stick out like red peppers on rice.
Rubio flipped the establishment e vote fraud areas, and Ted got the Bible pumpers and their slave Mexican humpers areas. For those who missed it, TL located as story on Breitbart that Bill Gates in Microsoft was Marco Rubio's big donor and Microsoft software was COUNTING THE VOTES IN IOWA.

Microsoft's new software will count the votes in presidential ...

According to foreign media reports, the US presidential election primaries in Iowa has been in the evening local time on February 1 officially kicked off.

Microsoft Calls Iowa For Hillary Before it Helps Count the Vote

Microsoft Calls Iowa For Hillary Before it Helps Count ... an app created by Microsoft will help tally the vote ... alter voting software to influence ...

Should I whisper Iowa Vote Fraud or should you shout it now with this mountain of evidence?

Ted Cruz 51,666 27.6%
Donald Trump 45,427 24.3%
Marco Rubio 43,165 23.1%
Ben Carson 17,395 9.3%
Rand Paul 8,481 4.5%
Jeb Bush 5,238 2.8%

That is the reality in this. Add Sean Homo Hannity's 33,000 uh 35 to Cruz and Rubio, and you get exactly the criminal vote spikes which people were conditioned into believing would happen, and not question them, as the big cities were divided

There is the point in this reality, that the hinterland Christians with their Mexican slave labor threw the elections in key rural areas and Rubio got the insider elite vote flipping in the metro areas.

The media is not going to expose any of this, as their controllers got the exact results they wanted in muddying up the democrat vote in neutralizing Bernie Sanders and neutralizing Donald Trump for the Taco Kings.

This is all going to come down now to how crooked New Hampshire is, and literally the vote fraud in South Carolina. These are not free nor fair elections. This was vote fraud, and Rush Limbaugh, Sean Homo Hannity and Mark Levin were all in on it conditioning voters yesterday and providing Ted Cruz with 9 hours of Big Koch illegal political ads.......and yes Cruz was funneling money into the mic heads in paid ads to them, in a Big Koch money laundering scheme.

I will keep exposing this vote fraud, and repeat I will NEVER vote for Ted Cruz. If Donald Trump is not the nominee, I will vote Constitutional in wasting my vote, as I will not support this criminal regime, and it is the reality now, that it is going to take Donald Trump in the White House to fix these elections for both Republicans and Democrats, as this is rotten from the ground up in complete corruption.

Larry Nichols says this is the last election for President that we will have. Iowa proves that this election is already tainted as Bernie Sanders had his victory stolen and Donald Trump was e vote assassinated in Iowa.