Monday, February 29, 2016

Is Marco Rubio running to be Hillary Clinton's Running Mate and Cruz her Supreme Court Justice?

As  one observes the losers of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, their actions are the threat to the Republican party and not Donald Trump.

It is a proven fact that if Donald Trump is left in peace, he will not defend himself. When Ted Cruz was faking civilized behavior, Mr Trump was cordial. The same is true with John Kasich was being rude, Mr. Trump thumped him, and when Mr. Kasich became civilized, Mr Trump praised him.

As of late Marco Rubio, the establishment's choice has become rather unbalanced in the things he is saying. Odd things like Donald Trump is like Kim Jong Un, to attacks on Mr. Trump's hair, to lies about Donald Trump not earning his fortune, but inheriting it.

This might be pleasing to the political idiot bent on hating Mr. Trump, but it ruins any Vice Presidency for Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, who are increasingly sounding like scripted stooges from George Soros out of the Hillary Clinton campaign.

This is now a legitimate examination as the billionaire class who feed Obama, feed Hillary Clinton and feed Marco Rubio and feed Ted Cruz, and the one thing they all have in common is they are all under orders to destroy Donald Trump.

What if it is not a 5 million dollar a year job for Cruz and Rubio awaiting them, but what if there is a bargain of Marco Rubio is going to be Hillary Clinton's Vice President. What if Ted Cruz has sold out for Hillary Clinton appointing him to the Supreme Court?
Seriously, after all of the revelations coming out about Rubio for amnesty and being a bi sexual, to Cruz arming Muslim terrorists with Obama and being the one behind destroying Tea Party candidates for years, is it really that far fetched that the same billionaires who phoned up Ben Carson and offered him a literal seat in the Senate....without the will of the people of that State, that these two liars and twisters have a back door deal with Hillary Clinton to serve in her Bill and Hillary and GOPer William Cohen and David Gergen, and Obama put in GOPer Chuck Hagel for Defense.

The Bush fam stuck in enough faggots at Justice like Souter and Roberts in following orders, so is it so far fetched that Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are both carrying out orders to elect Hillary Clinton?

It is not Hillary Clinton savaging Evangelicals and Sarah is Ted Cruz. It is not Hillary Clinton smearing Donald Trump and lying about being a is Marco Rubio.

Is anyone going to ask Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio if they are going to be serving in Hillary Clinton's regime, because they certainly are not working to serve in Donald Trump's Adminstration.

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