Monday, February 29, 2016

Texas for Trump

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Texas needs to stand up and settle this for Donald Trump in their primary, and in that Texans are going to hear a few things which is really going to sting them, as they like thinking they are doing things right by their success.

The reality is Texas has four successful bases.

1. Agriculture, which is due to Jim Hightower working an insider deal with George W. Bush in 2000.
2. Oil, which is due to Texas working a deal with Barack Hussein Obama to exploit Americans in record oil prices.
3. Mexican slave labor is none other than billions in welfare subsidies flowing into Texas and that is making them a fortune.
4. Texas is a business friendly climate and has been sucking the life blood out of unfriendly California for the "Texas boom".

Here is the Lame Cherry news for Texas. Agriculture commodities are tanking. Oil is going to remain stagnant for years. The Mexican slave labor market is saturated and welfare will be cut. California has nothing left for Texas to scavenge, so Texas is faced with a reality jolt as large as Jeb Bush in Florida spending debt money in Florida to create that illusion.

Texas, for all your prosperity, what have you done for America? Your products are President George W. Bush, who created a housing bubble to stop a 9 11 depression which got us Obama and this Super Depression.
Senator Jim Cornyn and Senator Ted Cruz, both of who sabotaged the Tea Party candidates to not allow that movement to become a force in the US Senate.

Texas while you lived in prosperity as America was in the Obama gulag, your political choices have literally destroyed America in Obamacare and Ted Cruz just gave Iran nuclear weapons.

Let us face reality here Texas in your choice. You have the President in Donald Trump before you. He is a gentleman who is going to be President for the next 8 years. 8 years of Texas prosperity or 8 years of Texas hell.
Texas,  you are going to have a big beautiful  wall on your border, shutting off your human traffic profits, your dope trade and your entire black market economy. That is coming or in a revolution, Texas is going to be a bombed out battlefield, scorched earth in a revolution.

Before you is a choice, the Ted Cruz black market mafia and Wall Street raiders raping America and Texans, which is going to bring a war inside of Texas, or Donald John Trump, who is going to bring into Texas that big beautiful wall, bring into Texas all of those corporations doing business overseas with billions of investment, a stable oil and agriculture price structure, and counter economic boom, as once all of your illegals are out, their properties are going to be purchased by Americans, who will come for the jobs, and suddenly Texas will not have billions confiscated by the federals in welfare, so Texas will have that money to fund more projects for Texans future.

Texas, you can make this as difficult or impossible for yourself, as you can make it easy or prosperous. Do not think that you are the only state in the Union with no income tax or business friendly climate. Silicon Valley is finding the plains states are better than California or for some odd reason corporations want white people who show up for work, instead of Mexicans who do not.
A President Trump with a Jan Brewer in Arizona or that nice Mobile Bay in Alabama with Jeff Sessions, might just find that all of that industry and billions finds it's way to those states, as Texas sits with having it's lifeblood sucked from it.

It is always easy to get suckered by Ted Cruz apparently for some or Marco Rubio. Texas politicians seem  to have a knack for not picking the right politicians, since the Bush interests overthrew the state. It is easy in affluence and crooked Obama Cruz Rubio business deals to think that you really have got it all together, but when the winds of change arrive, suddenly you become like Ohio in not being so important when the steel and coal industries are gone.

Donald Trump will be President. That is the fact. Even with his suppressed poll numbers, Mr. Trump has a 33 point lead in the GOP and is now leading Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump leads everywhere, except in the crooked vote counting of Texas which is managed by Bush Inc and Ted Cruz. That is the glaring reality of what is taking place in Texas at the moment.

Texas should probably figure out that the Bush fam dynasty is deader than Cleopatra in Egypt, and Ted Cruz when this is over is going to be picking up dog turds in Cuba for smokes and snacks. Texans who are deluding themselves need to understand their house of cards is falling and they had better go with the man in President Donald Trump who has their future in their hands, or in the next few years Texas is going to hear that huge sucking sound like California is.

Texas will either be the Trump Star State or the Cruz Falling Star State.