Thursday, February 11, 2016

Is South Carolina a Glimpse of the Jeb Bush Presidency

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In 2008 AD in the year of our Lord, Jeb Bush told all Republicans that we had to surrender to Obama, be like Obama, and stop being Conservatives. In that Jeb Bush has been leading the way ever since, in he sent out his billionaires to buy up all the GOP talent and put them into the race to serve as strawmen for Jebus.

This is the list of bought and paid for patsies who thought they were in this race because some fag billionaire believed in them, when in reality this was all a syndicate plan, just like in 2012 AD in the year of our Lord for Romney and his cut man, Ron Paul, to pick off other candidates to leave Romney the last man standing, until the cartel knocked this straw man down, as when you have Obama looting the US Treasure for Wall Street and deals with Big Koch and Big Frac, who needs a Mormon cutting your cut of the deal.

Marco Rubio, purchased because he is bi sexual, who can not keep his zipper up. Blackmailed for accepting e vote fraud in Iowa to flip votes. Marco was to block for Florida.

Ted Cruz, an intelligence CIA recruit who works for Mitch McConnell. He was to coat tail the Rockefellers and Bush's until he was outed. He was sent in to submarine Sarah Palin at the Tea Party, and then he was sent in to cut the legs out from the only American cable of stopping the cartel, in Donald John Trump.

John Kasich, a left wing attack dog, to growl at Donald Trump, and be a cog in the delegates for Ohio.

Chris Christie, the New Jersey heavyweight. Being cut off early, he was  to run Bush interference.

Carly Fiorina, another Bush employee. She was the California connection on intelligence with a skirt. It was clever in Ted Cruz was backdoor funding her. Cruz thought she was going to be his Vice President.

Ben Carson, he is black. Nothing easier for Jeb to knock down than a black man, set up by Herman Cain.

We'll leave it at that, because it is the same story for all the Jebpanzee patsies. They all were wooed in being told America could not live without them, and once hooked and crooked, they all bow down to Jeb, when the cartel orders them to.

In reviewing Jeb Bush, we see a little boy who really did follow his own advice in being more like Obama. Jeb Bush is Obama White. Who else could blow through 100 million dollars in campaign donations in 12 months, living in luxury hotels with pools in the roof, hiring white men like Christie and Kasich to do the hard work, as Jeb like Obama never showed up for work.

Jeb Bush never showed up in Iowa, as it was too hard. He has nothing in common with working people and there are no pools on hotel roofs in corn cob land, so why bother.
Hell Jeb only showed up in New Hampshire, because Mummy Babs was next door, and came over to cut his panny cakes.

In New Hampshire, Jeb got Chris Christie to fall on his sword, taking on the bubble boy slut Rubio, and it killed Rubio's Iowa the billionaire advisers got Ted to commit election fraud in stealing the election from Donald Trump and eliminating Ben Carson, so a crippled Carson would not be a problem in South Carolina.

So is South Carolina the glimpse of a Jeb Bush presidency? Jeb Bush feeding an article in Politico, blurting out his strategy that he is going to destroy the two men,  who he created for 2016 in John Kasich and Marco Rubio, and revealing he is going to use another tan skin in Ted Cruz to do the back alley assassin work in bringing down Donald Trump.
All with that goofy grin that Jeb Bush presents in thinking that looks Presidential, as others do the dirty work, and this time, as no one wants Jeb, the little brother is calling in not his Mummy for photo ops in New Hampshire as he does not need his panny cakes cut, but he calls up his big brother in President George W. Bush to save his political ass, to try and con South Carolinians that Jeb is their Evangelical wet dream.

The same Jeb, whose daddy told the Jerry Falwell Sr. Moral Majority at Liberty University, who just in his son, endorsed Donald Trump, to shut up and go away.
The same Jeb, who told all of you to shut up and go away, as he could win the GOP primary as Rand Paul was telling Big Koch's Rush Limbaugh, without any of you.
And you know something? If not for Donald Trump, not any of your candidates, Jeb Bush would have gotten away with this as his billionaire cartel has been picking off every candidate starting with Scott Walker of Wisconsin.

So liberal Jeb Bush, who has had a cartel buying your candidates, who were arrogant enough to think they were wanted for leadership, and not whores, for this pimp, and his brothel owners, is Obama in being on an endless vacation, using thugs to destroy people and then destroying them. The only difference for Jeb Bush is, he has George W., and it seems that no one wants Jeb,  so Jeb calls in his big brother, to win a primary which Jeb has only been able to vacation his way to 4th place finishes everywhere else.

So what is Jebus going to do, when he has problems with blacks rioting is he going to call Mummy Babs to tell them to go back to eating watermelon and chicken?

So when Jebus has problems with Vladimir Putin, is he going to call in Big Brother George to save him from getting his ass whopped again?

You are witnessing what Jeb Bush is. Obama got his scripts written, and Jebus gets his campaigns scripted by the same cartel, and all of these Republicans and Democrats are being suckered to deliver this bushbaby.

If you want Jeb Bush in the White House or handing it over to Hillary Clinton, in theft or loss, then you just keep on following your leaders, who are con men and fools, leading you to your own genocide.

I realize it is difficult for all of you in thinking you are so very intelligent, as all of your mic heads condition you to thinking you are so all knowing, as they slip this by you every single day.

You are going to come to the realization, that you are either going to vote for Donald Trump now, later or have that vote stolen from you by Jeb Bush, as you squandered your vote on this list of geniuses being manipulated and you put all your trust into, in Cruz, Rubio, Kasich.
It is an adult world where you have now been thrust. You have seen your future if you do not vote for Donald Trump when it counts. The cartel which chose Jeb Bush, owns your candidates, and those candidates were sent to manipulate you away from making a difference in this election.
There is nothing that your dreams in your candidates can not become realities more vivid in a President Donald Trump, who is ten times the others on immigration, security and making you richer.

You have had a glimpse of Jeb Bush in your future and your candidates in your present. It is up to you as it always has been in your decisions. The difference is the Lame Cherry treats you as an adult in trusting you with the information, compared to what you have placed your dreams in who have been manipulating you like children.

It is different when the scales fall from your eyes. It is different when you panic and try to put them back into your eyes, as the cartel has trained you that way to bring your own defeat for Jeb and Hillary.