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Jeb Bush Eminent Domain

Jeb Bush's Eminent Domain in Maine walled off from the American People

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I do not intend to be an unpaid Press  Secretary for the Trump Campaign, but there is a staged issue in New Hampshire which must be addressed, and it has to do with Eminent Domain, and how Jeb Bush is trying to lie about it to hurt Donald Trump.

The issue deals with some in New Hampshire who will not build an electric power plant, but who lust for Canadian energy, so Canucks get sooty lung and they can sit in luxury in New Hampshire. It becomes worse, as some in New Hampshire only want electricity for themselves or think that electricity just appears out of wall sockets, when it needs transmission lines, and that is the issue in New Hampshire in Eminent Domain bringing electricity to Americans.

It is infuriating this Class Warfare which Jeb Bush has unleashed, when the GOP has been victimized by it by Democrats for a generation. Jeb Bush chatters on in debates about "Limo parking lots for Donald Trump" in New Jersey in taking away "old women's land", and it is all a lie as deep as anything racist Barack Hussein Obama ever said about lipstick on pigs, in degrading Sarah Palin.

Here is the story of Donald Trump with Eminent Domain in New Jersey. Mr. Trump was attempting to create jobs for profit in New Jersey. Almost everyone had sold to his business, except for one woman.
Mr. Trump offered her 1 million dollars for her city lot and house which was valued at $250,000. She refused and as Mr. Trump said, "I walked away".

Donald Trump tried to make an "old woman" a millionaire, but she declined, and Mr. Trump took no property from anyone. That is the story and Jeb Bush is a liar.

As this story progresses, developer Carl Ichan, finally did purchase this property for 530,000 dollars. So this stupid woman, in attempting to blackmail Donald Trump for more than a million dollars in the1990's, finally was stuck in selling her property to Mr. Ichan in 2014, and she could have cared less about New Jersey and her community, as she fled the state for California.

So Donald Trump in Eminent Domain appears and tries to pay people four times what their property is worth. Donald Trump tries to make people millionaires. I would like to have Donald Trump show up and buy what Mom has for a million dollars and you probably would be pretty pleased if Donald Trump showed up to pay you a million dollars for your city lot too. Donald Trump is generous to a fault literally, but let us visit Jeb Bush in his Eminent Domain.

Jeb Bush getting new mansion on Maine family ... - NY Daily News

Jeb Bush having new mansion built for him on family compound in Maine: report

You probably do not know this, but multi millionaire, son of multi millionaires, grandson of multi millionaires, Jeb Bush is building a mansion in Maine.

Maine? I thought Jeb lived in Florida? Well, Jeb does, but the Bush family has a Bush Compound in Maine, just like the Kennedy's have an exclusive compound in Massachusetts where only their millionaire friends can get in.

The Citizens of Maine are Banned by Force from going near the Bush Compound

So George H. W. Bush has a mansion on this property. That is not good enough for Jeb Bush, as he is building a mansion on this expensive property too. But ask yourself where did this land come from that Jeb Bush is building his mansion on?

Early records show that the people who lived in Maine were the Red Paint People. Through Eminent Domain, they were displaced by the Abanaki, who had their lands in Eminent Domain seized by Portuguese, French and English, who through Eminent Domain had their titles seized by the Americans.

The British attempted in 1779 to seize Penobscot Bay to make it New Ireland, but that failed and in Eminent Domain it returned to the Americans.

In this period, there was not a Maine, but only Greater Massachusetts. Yes Maine was Massachusetts, but on March 15th, 1820 AD in the year of our Lord, the people of Maine through Eminent Domain, took all that land from the people of Massachusetts, without any compensation.

The French Canadians in their diospora immigrated as workers to Maine in the textile mills, in becoming a 30% population structure in that Eminent Domain State.

During this same time in the late 1800's, two St. Louis Bankers, a father and son David and George Walker, arrived in sparsely populated Kennebunkport Maine, and through Eminent Domain seized a point of land, to build two mansions, and in grand fashion named the point after themselves in WALKER POINT.
This would the George Herber WALKER Bush, part of the Bush family who being rich, went in with their fortune and displaced local peoples who were poor and struggling from their lands and their sea.

This then was repurchased by a Walker as the house was not willed to an heir, and then repurchased by George H. W. Bush in Eminent Domain, not serving any public good, but the Bush family, where as of late, Jeb Bush in Eminent Domain seized part of this estate, at the insistence of George H.W. and Barbara to build a 3000 square foot mansion worth 1.4 million dollars.

Jeb Bush is the last of his siblings to get a house at the compound, according to the newspaper; “initiated for him by” his parents, it will be 3,000 square feet and was assessed at $1.4 million.

So in Eminent Domain did the Indians ever get compensated for the Bush Mansions? No. The Portuguese, French, British or Americans? No.
Did the people of Massachusetts ever get compensated for million dollar Bush mansions? No.

Did the people of Maine ever get compensated for this out of state millionaire land seizure by the Walkers? No.

Did HW and Barbara, ever get compensated, as in was Donald Trump or Carl Ichan offered public opportunity to bid on this Walker Point, or was it a sweetheart deal for Jeb Bush again, in which Jeb Bush's mansion is displacing all the birds, bugs, frogs and bunnies for his 1.4 million dollar mansion.......and running pollution into the ocean killing fish and poisoning the lobsters you eat,  because you know Jeb does not want dandelions in his lawn, so the herbicides and pesticides flow freely.

So that is the story of the pompous, self righteous, lying Jeb Bush, again, and again and again.

Jeb Bush is nothing but Eminent Domain which benefits no one in America, no one in Maine and no one the world, except the Bush family.

Sickly, maybe there is someone benefited by the Bush family, as HW. in his crippled condition did find it absolutely necessary to attend the lesbian wedding of some bakers in Maine, destroying the foundations of God's Christian marriage, but other than sodomites, no one has benefited from Jeb Bush's 1.4 million dollar private mansion, in a private Bush compound in the Fiefdom and Thiefdom of Bush.

The Bush family has deep ties to the Maine town, vacationing and golfing there and, for George H.W. Bush, even attending the same-sex wedding of a local store owner and her wife in 2013

One of the Bush Mansions in their Eminent Domain in Maine

Jeb Bush has a lot of explaining to do - The Boston Globe

Keith Bedford/Globe Staff. A house under construction for former Florida Governor Jeb Bush sits on the Bush family compound, Walker's Point, in Kennebunkport, Maine.

Jeb Bush Eminent Domain, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.


PS: A note from the Tiger Lily-- I saw this woman's comment about what really happened between Vera Coking and Donald Trump as she was a citizen in Atlantic City at the time. This is what she says.

Don't listen to Jeb. He lied about eminent domain. That old lady was no lady. She was a greedy crackpot who was offered millions for property that was worth maybe $800k. I'm from Atlantic City. Bob Gucionne couldn't strike a bargain with her so he built around her. His venture in AC went belly up and he left an eyesore in the center of our city. Politicians let that happen. Donald Trump cleaned up the blight Gucionne ,Vera and politicians caused. He never knocked her house down! Donald cleaned it up and created jobs for the neighborhood. Atlantic City is a very small town. Set the record straight . Eminent domain was appropriate in this case. It was causing harm to our city.