Sunday, February 7, 2016

Send in the Christie to do a Jeb's Job

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

New Hampshire is either going to save America, or be like Iowa in having another Jeb Bush tool create a brokered convention, as Chris Christie was sent in to take out Marco Rubio with the full support of the entire press, Hillary Clinton and this pansy Jeb Bush.

I mean Christie bitch slapped Rubio in a perfect set up, and revealed after Jeb Bush got bitch slammed by Marco Rubio what a pathetic panty waste Jeb Bush is. Bush could not even take out Bubble Boy.

I am not going to champion Chris Christie, as he is an eastern establishment tool. In Reverse Speech, he focuses on taking your guns away, and that is his primary evil like Obama.

The answer is Donald Trump in New Hampshire in Cruz is deflating bad, in having got the long face news, that like Rubio, they are both going to have to retire to Goldman Sachs in their 5 million dollar a year jobs in falling on the sword for Jeb Bush, as the voters are not going to re elect these two.

Rubio has already stated he is finished and going for the big cash sell out, and if people need to be reminded that it was Chris Christie walking cuddle hands with Obama to get the Birther back into the White House, you should not be voting for suffering from head up your ass.

I just am reminding people in the good fight, and when I saw the Drudge Boston Herald cover, I could not resist having some satirical fun in the cream on Christie's hands is sugar flavored and the cream on Rubio's hands is cum flavored.

Nuff Said.




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