Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Jeb Bush the not so Stealthy Democrat in the GOP

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I was wondering when the Republican Party went from Big Tent George H. W. Bush to Pup Tent Jeb Bush, in his delusions that he owns the GOP.
Perhaps it was some Jeb Bush Eminent Domain, like Jeb killing Orange trees on private property in Florida or throwing a wounded Veteran off of his land in Florida, that Jeb took ownership of the Republican Party or maybe it was Mummy Barbara who willed it to Jeb, like the mansion in Maine.......but all we do know is Jeb Bush told Gayle King the liberal on CBS, that Donald Trump had hijacked "Jeb's" Republican Party.

I wonder a bit about Jeb Bush, as he was caught raising his hand that he was a Democrat at a Lindsey Graham rally. I seem to remember that Jeb was saying he should have run as a democrat, and it was not like John Kasich saying the same thing.

Jeb Bush says people need to stop "demonizing" the NSA ...

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Looking at the Jeb Bush headlines it really looks like Jeb Bush has followed his advice to all of us in 2008 that we all should be like Obama. Thing is we did not follow the advice and are looking to Donald Trump, while Jeb is......well suffering from delusions in he owns all of us and the Republican Party is his dictatorship.

Maybe if we boot Jeb out of the GOP early enough in voting for Donald Trump, that Jeb Bush can join Bernie and Hillary running for the Democratic Party's nomination, as his soul belongs there.