Wednesday, February 17, 2016

That Scent of Coke in the Bush

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The entire cartel's Bush wing is about to collapse in rubble as the very large operatives in Roger Stone of the Nixon White House and Saint John Hunt, son of CIA operative E. Howard Hunt have released this book on Jeb Bush and the Bush Crime Family.

What is unique about this book is all of the rumor and whispers about Jeb Bush, being the bag man for the CIA operations in Latin America for his old man who was running the CIA and later as Vice President, are written of, backed by sources.
Jeb Bush looks like the guy who couldn't fuck a Mexican midget up the right hole, but the Jeb who is behind HW Bush is a duo of cut throats whose operations were set up in Iran Contra to get Ronald Reagan impeached or removed from office for being incapacitated.

People need to understand in this, just how connected the Bush family was to the infamous Columbian cocaine cartel, as it was the Columbians who financed the freedom fighters in Nicaragua. Literally dope money ran this operation, and plane loads of that dope ended up in Arkansas snorted up Bill Clinton and Roger Clinton's noses.

While Stone and Hunt do not focus on the murder of CIA operative Barry Seals, the same whispers have Seals having a video of Jeb Bush and George Bush unloading their old man's cut of cocaine in Florida. Seals is the operative who caught the Columbians in a photo unloading dope shipments which President Reagan used.
The Bush fam, has a history like Obama, in they used Manuel Noriega of Panama and the Columbians and then turned on them, just like HW turned on his connection in Iraq, Saddam  Hussein.

This book details that Jeb Bush's business partners are mostly in jail for the criminal enterprises Jeb Bush was involved in, and the fact that Jeb Bush set up Florida State by dumping millions into Lehman Brothers before the 2008 Obama bust, and how it left Florida with 1 billion dollars in toxic debt.......and Jeb Bush got paid millions afterwards a consultant.
So when you hear about Florida being a great Jeb Bush economy, Jeb Bush instead bankrupted the state in toxic debt, and spent them into oblivion, and that is how Florida got AAA debt rating, is because he was pumping money out of the State to........service all that debt Lehman Brothers was profiting off of.

I suggest you read Jerome Corsi's article on World Net Daily for more evidence about Jeb Bush and Bush fam, in what these people really are. I have written of this in past posts and been castigated on Facebook by deniers there, but this is not now fringe whispers, but two of the insider insiders in what goes on behind the scenes, confirming all the whispers, that Jeb Bush was the CIA handler for money and dope in Texas and Florida.

The reason the syndicate of billionaires is backing Jeb Bush is because this is the same above the law nation rapist cartel, which is backing Cruz and Rubio, who again were proteges of the Bush fam. This is the same HW and Jeb who have been running around politically assassinating everyone from George Allen to Sarah Palin to Donald Trump, all for Jeb 2016.

Jeb Bush looks like a clitoris cupcake, but he is linked directly to the most dangerous people on the planet, and his family has screwed most of them over. It is time to put Jeb Bush at 0% and drive this mafia assassin from the GOP stage.

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