Monday, February 15, 2016

Jeb Bush Vote Fraud History

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In some ways, Jeb Bush has found ways to out perform a foreign born Ted Cruz, because in election fraud, Jeb Bush in 2008 began illegally listing himself as "Hispanic".

Jeb Bush One-Ups Marco Rubio By Becoming Hispanic Voter

Jeb Bush One-Ups Marco Rubio By Becoming Hispanic ... that would constitute Voter Fraud, ... I'm going to remain skeptical until Louie Gohmert claims Jeb W. Bush ...

This is bizarre, but opens up something even more election fraud, in Jeb Bush has a son named Jeb Bush jr., so the question is, does Jeb Bush register all his family members, making mistakes like listing himself as Mexican like his wife, and then just casting 5 votes for himself?

That is the odd part in this, in projecting things out, in has Jeb Bush had a voting scheme like Mexicans all having the same Social Security card, in which candidate Bush has that Obama 10 million vote bundle to drop on opponents to steal elections.

We have witnessed rumors of this in Florida in the George Bush 2000 Presidential. It was a different matter in Republicans did not want to believe that W was getting a state run by his little brother Jeb, as Al Gore was hanging his chads, but now when it is a matter of 4th Place Loser Jeb, having a history of massive vote fraud, that if he starts winning over Cruz, Rubio, Carson and Kasich all to get at Donald Trump, then this is obliterating the free and fair elections in America completely.

Diebold Memos Disclose Florida 2000 E-Voting Fraud - Scoop

... in the VNS survey of the Jeb Bush race for governor, ... "We have a sordid history of election fraud in this county," Circuit Judge John Doyle wrote in a 1997 ...
 2016 is rife with fraud in only two states having voted. Bernie Sanders wins both Iowa and New Hampshire and he loses both states in all the delegates go to Mrs. Clinton.

Donald Trump wins Iowa, but Ted Cruz uses physical vote fraud, and Marco Rubio uses e vote fraud.

Now we come to the Jeb Bush field of super states, where he has been skulking around saying he was going to win it.........with the polls again showing Donald Trump is topping 40 percent and no one else is over 20 percent, and yet Jeb Bush and the GOP establishment keep saying Jebby is going to win.

All of us have to watch this now, as something is building as Jeb Bush can not keep his mouth shut. Ted Cruz who is funded by the Bush billionaires was blurting out his insider information that Ted would inherit Trump's voters when "Trump was gone". We know there was a conspiracy to knock Mr. Trump out of the race, and it failed.....but it does not negate in failure that there is a conspiracy of vote fraud being engaged in.

Now we have the absolute of Jeb Bush has been committing voter fraud as lying on his registration, and the Lame Cherry is not going to make excuses for this crook the way Newsbusters did.

This is much deeper than even the above, as intelligence agents who have spoken about the inner workings of the HW Sub Operational Groups which have been inflicting upon America, stated that Jeb Bush ran the Florida command center for the old man. He lost the first election for Florida Governor, but you will notice that Jeb Bush never lost another election, including pulling one out for his brother in 2000.

Florida gubernatorial election, 1994 - Wikipedia, the free ...

An election for governor of Florida was held on November 8, 1994. Incumbent governor Lawton Chiles, a Democrat, survived a strong challenge from businessman Jeb Bush ...

When coupled with charges that in early voting in Tennessee, that Donald Trump ballots are spewing out for Jeb Bush, this is systematic of the elite stealing elections. Harry Reid accomplished it in Nevada, Tom Daschle failed at it in South Dakota when Mike Round's (GOP) stuffed egg salad sandwiches into e vote machines so all the ballots had to be counted by hand, and there were those 10 million votes for Obama in two elections, and how GOP Norm Coleman in Minnesota who stood up against George W. Bush, lost an election in 2008 to Al Franken for Obamacare super majority votes, with more people voting in Minnesota, than there were Minnesotans.........but Bush Rove never filed one Justice Department charge against Franken.

Bush fam drips of vote fraud. It appears to be centered in HW Bush in the Sub Operational Groups and in everything Jeb Bush is associated with.

Donald Trump may have to call out 40 million loaded guns to secure his victories, as Bernie Sanders appears to enjoy being beat up by Hillary Clinton, and the rest of the GOP in Cruz, Kasich and Rubio are nothing but vote fraud............yes remember the Ohio recount by Kent Blackwell which found for George W. Bush.

This is despicable in the stealing of elections, as once Americans no longer believe their vote matters, the entire nation ends. All of us are going to have to be on the alert about this, and as Donald Trump is the only one playing by the rules the others are shattering, it is Mr. Trump who is going to have to bring this up and guide and direct us, if it comes to securing these election wins for him, as everyone else is a crook and Bernie Sanders like the vote fraud abuse by Hillary.
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