Monday, February 15, 2016

The Flame Keeper

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was thinking of the study of "boom", in how powerless people gravitate toward things that make large sounds, from fast cars to explosives, and now it gets so many into dire consequences in the police state.

I was thinking of Sec. of State, Senator John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, who was awarded the Purple Heart three times, which got him out of serving in Vietnam as a hero or something, for as I was thinking about John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, how the very things he was doing to get a Purple Heart were what he would call crimes against humanity now.
For example, in this study of things that go boom. John Kerry got his second Purple Heart, for strafing a Vietnamese village, running people off, and then choosing to throw a hand grenade into a pile of rice to destroy it.
I simply fail to understand how a hand grenade would destroy anything, but at most turn the rice into rice flour, but John Kerry engaged in that act of heroism, and for it, he hit the ground, but kept his ass in the air, and when the grenade detonated, it blew shrapnel rice into John Kerry's gluteous maximus, for which John Kerry was awarded a Purple Heart for self inflicted flour wound up the ass.  

John Kerry's 'self-inflicted' Purple Heart, Bronze Star

Purple Heart, Bronze Star Vietnam Swift Boat vets reveal ... that he had been wounded by shrapnel in his backside from ... Out Against John Kerry ...

This is what is odd in the things that go boom and vroom, as Kerry's Swift Boat ran on fuel of some sort, meaning diesel or gasoline, and 5 gallons of that on the rice harvest would have burned it up more completely than the grenade flour mill of John Kerry, who actively served in Vietnam, as uniform wearer and Oriental chef.

It seems Americans have this problem of things that go boom, in having guns and bombs, like Timothy McVeigh of Oklahoma City. Intelligence would dictate that one would instead be like Obama Kerry comrade, Vyacheslav Skryrabin, which sounds Jewish like John Kerry is Ashekanz Jewry, but changed his last name to Molotov, which means HAMMER, of the Soviet Union.

See Molotov is a perfect example of how things are done. He signed non aggression pacts with Adolf Hitler, in letting the Germans do the killing work, changed his name to Hammer, but favored the great revolutionary tool of fire on the Molotov Cocktail, which was nothing but a fuel, put into a vodka bottle, which one had already consumed, and then one simply threw the cocktail into some building and scorched earth your opponents.

With Molotov, you got no rice shrapnel in your arse. Again no medal for bravery or being wounded, but you got vodka out of the deal and let others die for the cause with their things that go boom.

In this Age of Obama radicalism one could believe in, removing the John Kerry rice medals up the ass culture, one should examine how effective "the flame is to the game".

For example, some Obama anarchist buying gun powder, aluminum dust, fertilizer etc... would throw off all kinds of BATFE flags and bring the police state down on them as things that go boom do. But if you are comrade Molotov, you just fill up that the petrol station and Mexican gas companies just smile at your buying fuel.

There are always improvements upon the great leftist leaders like Molotov and Obama, so one examines things like gasoline or fuel oil in a vodka bottle, tips over, stinks and if you are smoking choom, the fumes  might start a plume in your auto.
It would seem better to save the vodka until after the festivities, and instead find a metal tipped weed sprayer, and load it with something like fuel oil, to in real "green" fashion in not leaving huge carbon footprints, effectively start fires in Rothschild type buildings, the way comrade Joseph Stalin did, back in the day.
It just seems that a few gallons of fuel oil, sprayed on things, with another comrade then lighting the charcoal that it would be safe, and highly efficient, so one could get home to down a bottle of vodka as one watched the best of Obama, like the digitals he gave the Queen of England, to drift off peacefully to sleep.

As most buildings are locked, like cars, one would suppose that a glass cutter would be advisable, as much as a nice wire cutter as one never knows what one is going to find.

In that, I was wondering if John Kerry would have benefited in a modern age in using an 800 dollar defibrillator, which would probably turn computer hard drives and servers to a smoking plume, as computer information is where all your data is stored, and some way to power surge a network of computers would probably be a most effective way of dealing with records, as one could not trust on Molotov fire alone to wipe information.
Then again there was a little gal on Obama awarded George Noury's Coast to Coast AM, who was advocating using microwaves at 10 second bursts to fry RFID tags in things like credit cards, where like a minute would send a cell phone up in smoke or something, but can you really trust the Obama regime to have microwaves on hand in hinterland outposts, in the BATFE only there to shoot the hinterlanders, to have such luxuries as microwave ovens.
Apparently there is a government model Fujitsu P3M hard drive wiper, but it is not like one has a great deal of John Kerry time to take a computer apart, as he was throw the grenade and dive.
Then again, a 50 dollar cordless drill with a high carbon bit set would probably drill holes in hard drives, rendering them useless more readily, than the expensive shock treatment.

It probably is hard for the Vietcong to rev up their engines and run John Kerry down, who served in Vietnam, if John Kerry had crawled under a vehicle with a bronze bar, jammed it into the gas tank, let the gas begin to drain out and then used Mr. Molotov again. At the least, gas tanks with holes in do not fill up well, and in movies, they always burn very well, as for some reason safe cars, always have interiors which burn like gasoline.

Hutaree Militia Members Acquitted of ... - The New York Times

DETROIT — Members of a Christian militia accused of plotting an antigovernment uprising were acquitted on sedition and conspiracy charges on Tuesday by a ...

So in review, the things that go boom cause problems, but things which gardeners, medics and mechanics  have do not cause problems. A simple weed sprayer, some fuel, a lineman's pliers, an electric drill, a glass cutter, a heavy bronze tipped pry bar, and butane lighters kept near your flesh, as butane refuses to ignite in below freezing weather, seems like a much safer way to conduct business, instead of John Kerry lobbing hand grenades and losing the Vietnam War, as making flour for the Vietcong only invigorated them in feeding them better.

No one ever seems to examine the forensic psychology of any of these things, because all they focus on is dis empowered people using things that go boom, and getting into trouble, when Mr. Molotov and Mr. Stalin rose to rule nations using the flame, and others doing the booming and banging for them.
Imagine if Andres Breivik, the Viking hero, had invested that year in burning down Norway and frying hard drives. He would probably be Regent of Norway now, instead of tortured in prison by liberals, if he had not focused on the 'boom route' in ineffective aluminum explosives and aborting a few out of the womb children with a lead dispenser.

Anders Behring Breivik originally planned three bomb targets ...

Anders Behring Breivik, the Norwegian mass killer, originally planned for a three-pronged bomb attack in Oslo that would have targeted the government ...

In the examination of this, John Kerry's revolution is dangerous and a failure. He could have blinded himself, not from masturbation, but rice shrapnel, if his ass had not saved him. On the other hand, Vyacheslav Skryrabin, used deception, instigated others to make things go boom, and made it all legal in paper, as he tossed the cocktails around, to secure his revolution.

That is the white paper on all of this, and it is a fascinating study of people looking for power, choosing explosive charges to ineffectively get police state attention, while the flame burning down afflictors gains the objective.
ELF, the Earth Liberation Movement, is never arrested by leftist regimes and they burn things down, for it seems fire comforts the police state while explosive charges agitates the ruling class.

Group claiming credit for Vail fires says the aim was to help ...

Group claiming credit for Vail fires says ... Members of the Earth Liberation Front say they set seven ... "Putting profits ahead of Colorado's wildlife ...

I leave off this study at this lecture for the pondering of the masses. The American Revolution began with burning in effigy, long before the Minute Man musket, Perhaps that is the psychological makeup of successful 1776 revolutions. It is the flame keepers who succeed as Jesus never said about beating flames into ploughshares.