Friday, February 26, 2016

Judge Anna J. Brown

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As I was picking up trojans from loading sites which include this one from the New York Times, I give full credit to the quotes here, as this story is important.

I have been observing the Judges in Oregon dealing with the Ammon Bundy case and most have not been impressive. To save their careers in those who have been fair, I will not mention them in hopes for a future in the Trump Judiciary, but Judge Anna J. Brown has proven so fair that I must bring her to light, as Americans have lost all faith in Justice at all levels.

Judge Brown blasted the Federal Prosecutors who have been involved in the most heinous conspiracy of not dealing with the charges which were filed, but are now busy manufacturing new charges for these 25 Americans. Literally what began as "6 years" has now exploded into only satan knows how many lifetimes these Bundy Patriots are going to be put into prison for basically taking a crap and sleeping on federal property.

But at Wednesday’s hearing, Judge Anna J. Brown, made it clear that she would be in charge, and that grandstanding or delaying would not be tolerated. When an assistant United States attorney on the case, Ethan D. Knight, told the court that 90 days of further work lay ahead in marshaling the new evidence, she told him flatly that that was too long.
“I do not intend to have this matter delayed,” Judge Brown said, adding, “Ninety days is beyond belief.”

The Judge is being quite fair in this as she also took command of Ammon Bundy.

When Ammon Bundy stood up at one point, for example, hoping to personally address the judge on a question, she snapped him back in place and told him to sit down. He meekly complied.

But notice what the Judge did in the following, in she allowed a comment to go by without scolding the defendant.

Several defendants did try to speak out during the hearing, including Jason Patrick, who was asked by the judge if he understood his rights.
“I understand I have no rights at all,” he responded. “You’re the federal government, you’re going to do whatever you want.”
Judge Brown let the comment go by. But when one defense lawyer said she feared that the mechanisms of coordination among the separate cases were problematic, the judge told the lawyers that they would just have to make it work.
“You’re going to figure it out,” she said.

Judge Brown does not allow whiners in her court. It is evident she is no nonsense and is not going to be railroaded by DC lawyers or be hijacked into grandstanding. She made this point clear.

I firmly believe that every Judge is as the Bible states, someone on that bench placed there to be fair and carry out the laws which are all based upon God's Law. What the Department of Justice has been engaged in, has been torture and terrorism of these 25 Americans, and I explain in, they have charged them with 6 years, and now it is going to be no one knows how many years. They have arrested everything named Bundy in two states in a witch hunt, and this has now degraded to going after the Sheriff of Grant County and the Ammon Bundy lawyers.
This is out of control  and this kind of jamming a pointy stick into a wound is going to cause the violence which the regime keeps accusing these people of, which they never engaged in. What Justice has been engaged in, is not justice. This is antagonistic and crushing the very liberty out of Americans.

That is what the hope is in Judge Brown in she has taken command of this situation. I am not stating that Judge Brown is going to throw out charges or let people go, but for the first time in these cases, we have a Judge handling this, with a few others, who is being fair who have been down trodden and treated absolutely ghastly.

With Judge Brown we are not going to have a circus or a kangaroo court as  the Hammonds were put through. We are going to have Justice under the law, laws which are being perverted to crush the Spirit of the American West. I make no predictions in this, but Judge Brown is going to be fair it appears, and that is one of the rare things in this many years of all of these cases.

We are to pray for our leaders, and I do pray that Judge Anna Brown finds a way to reign in the regime and to pacify the Patriots, so we can all look to our Judges to protect us and give us a fair time in court, as that is all we have now.