Friday, February 26, 2016

Peepers Update

From the desk of the Tiger Lily.

We have a new guard-bird. He likes to challenge the blue-jays outside with what I can only describe as a warning low-pitched birdie-growl every time he hears them call to each other outside. I am glad we are secure and safe against avian attacks as our beloved birdie is a very fierce little cockerel.

Lately Mr. Peepers has taken refuge under the bed every day after he comes in to wake us. On occasion he announces his presence by crowing very loudly 8-10 times in a row, just in case anyone was still asleep. When anyone gets up and starts moving around, he talks to them and trills in a high-pitched farewell as they walk out of the room. He lies quietly under the bed for hours, completely content in his little world.

Peepers always welcomes anyone back into the room, responding to the sight of legs/feet and to a voice (usually mine) saying "Hello, Peeps!"  He also enjoys chiming in with his own commentary during our naptime as we turn on Rush Limbaugh for the daily indoctrination. The first day he was in there and LC turned on the radio, it only took about 5 minutes for him to decide he did NOT like Rush Limbaugh.  He expressed his fierce disapproval in almost the same growl he uses to warn off the blue jays.  Mr. Peepers may also have been mocking the "Big Voice on the Right", but unfortunately I haven't yet learned to speak fluent Birdie.  He has also been expanding his repertoire past what LC recognizes from decades of hearing the vocal range of chicken sounds, as he enjoys his own company and making odd sounds to entertain himself (and everyone else).

Mr. Peepers can really get around on his little stubs now that the feet have come off. I think I was more upset than he was when they finally detached from his legs. He is healthy, praise God, and in good spirits. It is truly a miracle to me how mobile he is despite his lack of feet and how absolutely happy and content one little bird can be with almost nothing, just nestling in the peace of our Lord Jesus.

We have plans for him when the weather warms up and the grass grows, as he will be happily isolated from the others (who were picking on him this winter) with a fetchingly pretty little hen of his kind. She has the same pretty white legs as him and has yet to be bred, as she is very speedy on her feet and perches high up on the multi-layered roost in our coop. I hope he passes on his endearing personality to his babies too, as well as his feathering and his comb with a saucy little bend in it at the back end.

LC is getting upset at me trying not to blubber like a baby, so I'll end this here. :) So many reasons to be glad Jesus is coming back!!!