Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Lap Top Experince

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I rarely suggest sites to people as doing so usually ruins it for others, but I know that there are numbers of poor people out there like myself who need things, and this is for them.
So all of you rich people go off to Best Buy or whatever and spend your money and quit reading at this point.

There is a business in Florida which I purchased this computer from that I type the blog on. It was a used business computer, and that is what all of these computers are, are refurbished stock in some form or another.
This laptop actually looked new when I purchased it for 130 dollars a few years ago. I have typed so much that the letters now shine and the spacebar has a furrow in it from my left thumb clicking it.

The point in this is, these are used computers from 120 to 260 dollars. Considering new computers are 600 to 1200, this business is providing a niche for people who need siliconware who could not afford it.

I tend to like the older and smaller laptops, for the simple reason, I need a word processor basically and with Jarte, in the old version, I have about all the computer I need.
I like running 98 or XP, but now all you can get is Windows 7, and yes I prefer 32 bit, as it runs the older programs better. 64 though will also run most things, as that is what TL's metallic computer is.

That is what I wanted to point out in TL has a Vaio from Sony. It was new and on sale, and TL purchased it, as TL had never had anything new in life, and this was a treat for TL. The problem is though that we had to put in a new hard drive as it went out just after warranty......big surprise.

For the poor reading this, I have rules and you should follow them, as I was taught early to use only Intel chips and sound motherboards. You skimp on that and you are going to have problems and slow processors. That is what is good about the used computers in basically most computers will go tits up in the first 30 days, and if they last past that, they will usually run for years.

So as long as you get a good Intel chip set, that usually means a good motherboard, and you can repair most things on your own with a Gaytube video walk through.

Batteries on these used ones, can run from an hour to 3 hours. People in business and government do not give a crap about taking care of things. So just know you are getting a used computer and do not start screaming about some scratch or the battery being not great, as these are platforms for people with brains, who understand when you are paying 1/10th of what brand new at Radio Shack, that perhaps you should get your head out of your ass and stop ruining things for everyone else.

I started out a tower person. I did not like laptops as most were suitcase sized. I have a wee one without a CD player that I work on all the time, and I really love this and would buy a half dozen more if I could find them and afford a Dell like this.
That is the point in I was checking recently on Ebay for used computers, and they were basically a little cheaper than this business in Florida, so you were not gaining anything, as my last tower was from some cheat in Kansas who lied to me in selling me a computer he cobbled together in stating it was a business machine. I had to fix it and still use it, but it about ended my Ebay dealings, as the original Dell 450 I had, was from a guy in Minnesota who sold me it out of a business overhaul and this is still one of the sweetest machines ever for 50 dollars.

As I have stated, I like 98 or XP, and I just have the service packs onto a flash so that runs them well enough. I have some experience now with Windows 7 which is ok. 8 sucks crap plus the colon. I do not know what 10 is, but it is more holes for the NSA to spy with, so I just use the old stuff, as I like the old stuff as I do not need to be pissed off about someone stealing or driving over my computer....is why I use cheap binoculars too.

So this is Lap Top Experience in a hard to find site as it does not come up a great deal, even if they do get a great deal of business. I am not promising that lemons do not exist, but I have had good fortune with these platforms as I am not a fool expecting something more intelligent than me.
It might be the place if you are looking for a laptop if you are poor, as that is who I am looking out for as no one else will. So do not abuse this place, so it will be around for other people to gain access to the internet.

I think that about sums it all up for a Nuff Said.