Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Leave it to Beaver

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am going to keep this short, so it sinks in.

I was stunned today the power of Mockingbird programming, when it used to be utilized for the good of Americans, as it was intended. I had on Leave it to Beaver, and Jerry Mathers came on in a commercial for Type II diabetes. I sat there listening to him from inside my heart, because I trusted him, in Beaver would never lie to me.

Like most of you reading this, I grew up watching Leave it to Beaver in the most wholesome and civilizing oracle of the American people, because it taught Americans how to behave from their louse immigrant past. I was stunned in how I question everything now, as everyone is liar and can not be trusted, as America has been so hijacked in this Age of Obama. Beaver though brought me back to a trusting childhood of how people should properly act and how parents were to be parents, and children were to be children, in no one using anyone else.
Civility was the only acceptable conduct, and civility has been destroyed in America, because you can not have a society when elements in it are preying on everyone.

No one wanted to be like Lumpy Rutherford or Eddie Haskel, because their lying and deception broke everything, and cause the Cleavers to hurt. Yet today what do we have in a queer Sheldon on Big Bang, made excuses for, because he is too intelligent to be human.

People always used to do what was right, because they had God in their lives, and when the High School Principal was telling June Cleaver to let Wally grow out of his weird hair style, she finally had enough when Beaver started looking goofy too, and told the boys to comb their hair right, as people need to be told to not look like a fool or make fools of themselves, or you end up with a world of morons voting for foreigners like Obama and Cruz.

That is what a mob rule is. It is the majority hijacked by self serving deviants, using the mob to gain power. The Beaver would never do that, nor the Cleavers. Wally was a rugged individual, and his idiot friends would back down or they would learn the hard way, that their stupidity got them hurt.

The Western Peoples, the Christians Peoples have been spiritually raped for generations, so they recoil at everything now, as there is no Jerry Mathers as the Beaver to trust. Beaver would never lie, and if he made a mistake as a child, he felt bad about it, and never did it again, because he understood his actions hurt other people.

Donald Trump has proven that Americans in a group, still have inside of them that Leave it to Beaver American. It is almost conditioned out of these people, and this is America's last chance literally, as the American in them, based upon the Scottish, Irish and Germans who created the American identity of rugged individuals, thriftiness and hard work is being wiped out.

It is going to take monumental efforts by parents and grandparents to instill God in children's lives, in Bible stories with them, and an infusion of Leave it to Beaver to condition the next generation into what is right, as the parents get off their asses and live moral lives by being responsible too.
It is going to take work, parenting and resisting every day to saving yourselves and your children. Enough people do this, and America would be saved, but that will not happen. It is your disciplining yourselves and then training your children.
You are going to have to be as good as Beaver Cleaver and as wise to the ways of the word as Lumpy Rutherford and Eddie Haskel, because  what is the apostate majority makes Eddie and Lumpy look moral.