Thursday, February 4, 2016

Marco Bi Rubio

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Disgustingly it is another broken story in the Taco Kings of Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Ted is the Havana Assassin lynching Nigs like Dr. Ben Carson, and Marco is the fancy pants boy who sits on both the male and female laps.

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There have been numerous rumors floating around about Rubio in his zipper problems. The Jeb Bush people kept spreading information that a female South Carolina lobbyist in DC was getting the pool boy treatment, along with a harem of other women. Rubio had to spend a fortune trying to knock those rumors down.....if they are not true, then why spend the money.

It all sort of stands to reason as Marco has good taste in hot women, like his bottle blonde wife, who likes to show up at schools or something, in short skirts, flashing her snatch off like a cougar in waiting


You know when you look at a man like Donald Trump, by his marrying women, that he likes women and wants forever relationship as he marries them, and is not a bed hopper. With Rafael Ted Cruz, you can see he abuses women.......his wife like Michelle Obama will not lip kiss him in public, because she was thinking about throwing herself in front of trains too many nights.

With Marco Rubio, you just have that Obama thing going on, not in the foreign agent, but that bi sexual feces penis scent thing going on. He got the wife,  bottle blonde as she likes men who like trophy wives, and you got the rumors of Marco running his pool pole into every body's deep end, as the MSM keeps running stories trying to pull Rubio out of the closet like Obama, as the GOP fag president that everyone can f*ck.

I personally do not want a Havana Assassin who lynches Nigs in Iowa in  Ted Cruz, and I do not want a Havana Pool Boy, even if the closeted Rush Limbaugh, who kind of blurted out on his program that "he knows these men well" which sounded more like "intimately'.........but then who knows, maybe that suitcase full of Viagra that Limbaugh was hauling to the Caribbean was for his pals Marco and Rafael as they were all in the hot tub watching Kiefer Sutherland get all hot and sweaty in roughing up bad Rush, Ted and Marco splash water at each other......well maybe just Ted and Marco as Rush is deep paddling under the waves checking out the Taco Kings rudders.

Now you know all the rumors which have been swirling around, and in Cruz's case he has been proven a crook, in Rubio's case it sure looks steamy fresh in some pregnant guy showing up next.

Stay tuned.

Let us all sing for the scent of cock on the breath is in the air.

Los del Rio - Macarena (Original Video) [HD] - YouTube

É possível avaliar quando o vídeo for alugado. Los del Rio - Macarena

In case you do not like to sing, we aim to please as we can just watch the Marco video.

Cock on ur breath - YouTube

Cock on ur breath ... Cock Blockin! - Duration: ... "House of Cards" stars discuss filming explosive Season 2 scene - Duration: ...

Maybe that is why Marco Rubio says he is getting out of the Senate as it would take him 30 years to get a chair, because he only likes big titty bimbos and young man cock, and not the viagra aftertaste of Mitch McConnnell