Thursday, February 4, 2016

Ted Cruz Premeditation to Steal Votes in Iowa

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I am not going to spend a great deal of time on this as bed cowerers who will not donate are not going to be intelligent enough to do more than just try and comprehend one fact in their one dimensional world.

The Cruz campaign has been busy since they stole the Iowa election, sending out trolls to various comment areas like on that booze hound Matt Walsh's page on that recovering coke heads Glenn Beck's site of the Blaze......probably on that racist Red State site of Erick Erickson as he is the one who would not let Black man Ben Carson share the stage with Ted Cruz, all stating that this was all an accident and Marco Rubio did this too.

There is a problem in this, in the very closeted Karl Rove, now looking like some 007 villain called, Professor Suckcock, revealed something as Rove for the Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio now reveal what a crook Ted Cruz is in what Cruz did was PREMEDITATED.


BOOM! Karl Rove Breaks Down How Cruz Camp's Cheating Stole ...

BOOM! Karl Rove Breaks Down How Cruz Camp's Cheating Stole Iowa from Trump (VIDEO) Jim Hoft Feb 3rd, 2016 8:07 pm Leave a Comment

What Rove notes in facts, is that at 7:00 PM on the night of the election theft, a memo went out from Cruz management to invite the Carson voters to caucus with them. That is premeditation, as the Cruz camp was keeping the Carson voters close and herded together, so a few minutes later the Cruzlings could start screaming out, that Ben Carson had withdrawn from the race.
This was followed by, "Well vote for Ted Cruz as he will stand up for everything Dr. Carson does.

Seriously in this, there are reports that Trump voters were turned away from caucus buildings as they were "full up" or were told that. We witness a pattern here, that the Cruz people were not just coordinated, but set out to get into facilities first, herd the Carson voters to them, and then to scream at the Carson voters a lie, and simply in that panic and depression, sweep up the votes.

The Cruz people are exactly like the neighborhood pervert who invites the little children whose Mum just passed on, into their house, gives them a cookie and then  rapes them.............and then when the children cry the next day, the Cruz rapists appear again and tell the other voters to grow up, as everyone was raping the children at the ballot box.

Governor Terry Branstad of Iowa has now weighed in on this criminal conspiracy of Ted Cruz, and condemned it, and is hinting at more penalties. The Lame Cherry calls again for the seizure of all Cruz delegates, and with this premeditation in Cruz planned this out........meaning Cruz was going to tell the Carson delegates that Dr. Carson pulled out of the race as a strategy, Ted Cruz should be set aside completely from the race as the GOP Chair is not going to do a thing about this crime.

Ted Cruz literally did lynch a black man in Iowa. He had this planned out, and his entire staff was in on it. The targeted Ben Carson and his voters and that is not any different than if Ted Cruz stuffed the ballot boxes, which I now question if his people in each county, did not indeed have the dead and invalids voting for Cruz.

Reports have surfaced that inside the caucus buildings, that ballots were being handed out in the piles, and people were being told to vote as often as they liked. As only two candidates spiked in the polls in Cruz and Rubio, and Donald Trump, Ben Carson and Rand Paul all slumped, it is evident even as Mr. Trump set records in votes, that no one could win when Ted Cruz was stealing twice as many votes.

Ted Cruz planned to deceive the Ben Carson voters. That is now an established fact. This is beyond New Hampshire defeating Ted Cruz, in this foreign scoundrel, this is about Ted Cruz and his staff, and his major supporters in Iowa, being investigated and brought before a grand jury to be indicted.

I repeat of the people too stupid to donate, Ted Cruz had his people herd Ben Carson voters next to them, so they could then tell them Ben Carson had quit, and then influenced them to vote for Ted Cruz.

That is election fraud, and that is a crime.

Nuff said.