Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Ode to a Viking

Which is more dangerous Red Ryder's at Christmas or Breasts at the Opera

A note to the Viking.

I do not like seeing you upset about things and I have decided to do something stupid and this is suggest what I would do.

As of course, I no longer talk to my siblings, and TL's sister would never speak to me, but as you are on speaking terms, I would grab the ship by the rudder and say something like, "Now look here, are we over inviting ourselves or not? I apologize if I am, but if not, would you be offended in working something out like upkeep in mowing lawn or something, as we appreciate your kindness."

Of course it probably would be best to have it phrased, we appreciate your kindness in all you have done, would it be alright if in return we mowed the lawn or did things when we were there?
That is what Beloved Uncle would do.......he called it Public Relations work, in you tell people what you want and they do it.

Minnesotans have that nice gene in them, and as long as they get something out of things, and feel appreciated, it is better to have someone on a property than Somalians sleeping under the bushes.

That way if they are not using the place, and if you are, they are using you, as you are mowing the lawn and things.
For some reason I have found that a case of beer and a few steaks at the end of the season makes Minnesotans happy too. Not so much in South Dakota though as I was told that out there, the natives just go nuts for a box of apples from Minnesota as they only have cow turds to chew on there for vegetables.

I usually just ask people things and that solves a great deal of mind reading, in sometimes the thoughts are not in their heads, so of course do not put them there.

That is enough of me being stupid for today. Tomorrow is of course another day.