Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Thee Anti Cruz

Does it makes more sense why Jerry Falwell jr. fled these Conmen.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I know I should never be amazed when a Luciferian knows the code words to open doors to Christian hearts, but I am often amazed at the source.

I think, in his own way, George W. Bush is a Christian, in which Billy Graham assisted him into the Faith, and by study, George W. learned all the Christian code words which so perplex and mystify those who are not Christians. Terms like Born Again, washed in the blood, moved in the Spirit to even, laying on of the hands, are things that unbelievers have heard of, but as it has not any interest to them, it is just that weird terminology of Christians.

It is like when Bill Clinton called Obama a 'bright boy', ever black in America knew what was being said in uppity Nigger talk, and it is like when Bill Clinton called his "new deal" the New Covenant, that it disappeared as he what he thought was cute was pure blasphemy to Christians.

The cartel press likes rubbing Christian's noses in blasphemy and did so under the messiah Obama regime with his halo head. There are traitors amongst us who do know the code words that we all respond to and recognize, and that is why, I was really interested when Luciferian Mormon Glenn Beck recited a most interesting bit of terminology.

What is interesting in the backdrop of this, is Beck lured Cruz out onto the state in Iowa, under orders to sink Cruz, in setting him up with that "Oath of Office" fiasco. It worked immensely well, but the cartel had no idea that Cruz was going to commit election fraud in lynching Ben Carson, so Cruz continued on, when he was supposed to lose to Marco Rubio and Donald Trump.

On that background of Et tu Beck, Glenn Beck issued thee most bizarre of altar calls:

It can be witnessed at the video link here:

Glenn Beck says:

“Fall to your knees and pray to God to reveal to you what the hour is.”
“This is your last call, America! Stand, stand with the man I believe was raised for this hour, Ted Cruz!”

Some have likened this to Christ in not believing that saboteur Glenn Beck would be engaged in calling Ted Cruz the anti Christ, but in noting what Glenn Beck has been paid to do, I believe Glenn Beck was calling Rafael Ted Cruz the anti Christ in this veiled endorsement.
It is how the Mockingbird works, and this Mockingbird script again appearing in this is the adults focused on this as Glenn Beck is not this intelligent to craft such a message.

Here are the Biblical quotes, one for Christ and one for the anti Christ.

Matthew 24:36

But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

Revelation 17:12

And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.

Nothing like the rapturous Ted enraptured in blasphemy or apostasy all in Valley of Sodom.

This is what I mean about the code words. Any Christian hearing what Glenn Beck just said about Ted Cruz, immediately perked up and recognized the verses. This trigger was designed to do exactly this, and to bring about the very response Glenn Beck's controls expect in these South Carolina Evangelicals now have the liar Ted Cruz (and we all know who is the father of lies in satan), has this Mormon apostate, vouching for Cruz like Viagra Limbaugh and that Jesus hating Jew mark Levin, either praising Ted Cruz as Jesus......like Cruz's wife was in blasphemy saying Ted was the face of God, or that Ted Cruz is the anti Christ, part of the world government to receive power for that one hour.

It is quite brilliant and you can admire this religious assassination as I stated Glenn Beck never constructed this. This was someone else in the midst, and it does sound a great deal like the verbiage of George W. Bush, writing the script in "what would Jesus do".

See Jake Tapper or Rachel Maddow hearing Beck say this stuff, just think it is more pulpit pumper crazy talk, as they do not know the nuance in this, in how this was aimed at every Evangelical in South Carolina and America, and they heard it and are recoiling from Cruz, as good little Christians just do not like candidates that are sons of the father of lies.

It is no wonder that Rush Limbaugh was furious today in hanging up on a Ted Cruz supporter, bitching at Limbaugh for not defending Canada Ted enough. Because Limbaugh has been dick sucking Cruz every day, propping this con man up, not fooling anyone, losing market share, all for this Big Koch agenda and here comes Glenn Beck calling Ted Cruz as Jesus or the anti Christ, blowing everything out of the water.

Glenn Beck is the bastard in this election. He just enjoys the coup de grace too much in putting it to the Tea Party and the Christians.
I believe it is why Cruz has had those brain stops in the debates and just has this odd expression as Jeb Bush pats him on the back.  I think the fag backers of Cruz told him he was nothing but a strawman, his job was to get the nomination at a brokered convention, and he was going to sit up and beg, just like this same group made Hillary Clinton bark like a dog for Obama in 2008 AD in the year of our Lord.

I mean the biggest supporter of Ted Cruz in handing out gifts to invaders, twice now has cleverly exposed Cruz as first a tard, and now secondly is setting him as the Christ or the anti Christ. With bedfellows like that, you might as well suck on a Vince Foster revolver instead of cocks.

For those who need to be told, Rafael Ted Cruz is not Jesus, does not have the face of God, and is not the anti Christ. Ted Cruz is just a Canadian who was tapped by the CIA to be a minder like Obama, and was a stooge for the Mexican vote as them brown skinned people all look the same to HW Bush. Ted Cruz is a liar, is devious, is a backstabber, but he is in over his head, like those Evangelicals who were casting truckloads of stones at innocent Donald Trump, all for their Barabbas.

I suspect in 3 years, no one will even remember Ted Cruz, as he has served his purpose in making enemies of everyone in America.

For now though, Brother Glenn has told the faithful of Ted, that he is Jesus in blasphemy or the anti Christ in apostasy. Such a dilemma for Ted's little flock of faith as they all know they have to answer to Jesus for their sins, and breaking Commandments in False Witness for Ted against innocent Donald Trump, is a whopper, but then that voting for Ted is Jesus trumps that in the first three Commandments shattered............and then there is that worshiping satan one in anti Christ Ted.

Nothing like following Ted over the edge into the Abyss.

As the little flock of Ted probably needs direction, the best penance would be for the absolution in voting only for Donald Trump, the man God raised up for this last age, and not being stupid in following the anti Christ in Europe when he does appear.

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Yes that non donation thing, you richtards is something you are going to answer for as well as you poor folk who have been resisting God and taxing me.

Nuff Said.