Tuesday, February 2, 2016

On the Ground in Iowa

From the desk of the Tiger Lily.

For all the non-Iowans, here's a firsthand eyewitness account from people who were there last night.

"The caucus last night and Iowa was rigged. The people there are all talking about how unorganized it was and that you could vote as many times as you want it because there were so many people there they didn't know how many ballots you were going up and grabbing after you voted once. And people reading the votes could have lied about who the candidate was who was voted for because only one person saw it and then it was thrown in a box"

Clearly there needs to be major reform in the primary process. The Dept of "Justice" has already denied several states their right to demand mandatory photo ID in Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Wisconsin so far. Those of you who care about the elections not being stolen must bring this up to your GOP people and raise a big stink, because this is something the states have the right to control. You can't do much about proving e-vote fraud with corrupt software, but you CAN make a difference here.