Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Enter Patriarch Cliven Bundy

It seems that the patriarch Cliven Bundy is a bit like Father Abraham, when the uncircumcised brutes kidnapped his nephew Lot and family, in Mr. Bundy does not appreciate nor condone the FBI trying to assassinate his children, Ammon and Ryan, and dislikes as any normal Patriotic American, when one his friends is murdered in cold blood, frozen snow and frigid mountains in LaVoy Finicum.

Why this all seems like this, is the Rense site posted the following notarized, certified mail, to that neanderthal Sheriff Ward, the FBI patsy of Harney County, along with the Obama pasty Governor of Oregon, Kate Brown who called for this assault and murder upon Americans, and image Obama occupant of 1600 Penn Avenue, informing the police state, that the People retain possession of Malheur as it is their refuge, and that the People will remove all federales from Harney County.


Nothing like pissing in the face of the armed murderers as they slumber in their perceived victory to awaken them to that this is not over, and will never be over until all the Americans are buried or the police state surrenders.

That Bundy has grit, True Grit.