Monday, February 29, 2016

Oscar Lives Matter

It’s Oscar Time! 2013 - Framework - Photos and Video - Visual ...

As another Lame Cherry in matter anti matter.

Alfred Hitchcock cautioned that directors should never alienate their audiences.

I will do some math.

Start out with Hillary up the cunt and Obama ass the sodomite Hollywood movies.

Make the Oscars out to be racist in reminding everyone that installing Obama into 2 vote fraud thefts of 1600 Penn Avenue, still has America with untalented Afroids who want to be paid and adored for just showing up, instead of entertaining us.

Add one Chris Rock, who is funny like like the sound of a trash can lid smashing down on an alley cat's tail.

and you get this:


I warned people of Blacklash and how Obama was ruining it for blacks across the world. People have had enough of Designer Negroes, having Nigger sex and keeping pet Niggers around, as it is not cool any more.

Until Hollywood starts hiring writers like Lame Cherry with full production control for the kinds of movies the world wants to see, that does not alienate every audience, it is going to be more of this alley cat screeching with trash cans banging around.

The world is going in the direction of the class of Donald Trump as the masses are ready to watch glamour not bling.

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