Monday, February 29, 2016

Ode to the keyboard corpse of Matt Walsh

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

For all of you Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio voters, you should heed the words of Matt Walsh as he cowers in his little brick twin story like Mark Levin in his bunker, as the dawn of reality begins to make them uncomfortable in they can hear the footsteps out on the walk way.

Red  Ryder sang of this, and it is one of my favorite songs in Lunatic Fringe. Yes the Barry Goldwater, Sagebrush Rebellion, Ronald Reagan, Tea Party, Donald Trump Revolution is come again, and all of this ilk which has been mocking us, sleeping in our beds, spending our money and destroying our America for the cons and traitors they are, are learning a big lesson in they are not as secure as their billionaire masters led them to believe, when they went scorched earth on us.

That is what amuses me, as Andrew Breitbart lay dead in the street from the same assassination apparatus which murdered John Kennedy, and Matt Walsh could not care, as he had no problems with Obama Inc, as Glenn Beck was a cartel stooge. That is why  I simply love as Conrad Dobler did, when the players start quaking in their speedos, because Matt Walsh is about to get a taste of what it is like to be Lame Cherry.

None of this ilk gave a damn when it was me getting death threats, when there were discussions about how to assassinate me inside the Sub Operational Groups, when they hit TL and I with disrupters that blew the capillaries out in our eyes, when we had UPS and Fed Ex trucks parked in the alley after hours keeping watch on us, when our phones would just hang up on landlines and when the phone company told us to unhook the phone for 15 minutes as that was how the company reset the NSA illegal taps when they got too intrusive.
We had all the fun.......hell I just had the CIA in all of my accounts, leaving one story in drafts to send me the message, that is what they were interested in and I was approaching the line in what probably should not be crossed. That is what I want Matt Walsh and Glenn Beck to Mark Levin to get a taste of. the things like Kathleen Willey in odd calls, odd people parked outside, things not going well........sounds in the night, so they begin to wonder when it is going to happen.

That is what I want all of those keyboard traitors to experience, but with Donald Trump it will be more overt. It will be the things like being shunned like I was under Obama. Like Dr. Kate not getting work.....see that is how it works and always has from the days  of Howard Hughes, in the government just does not hand out contracts and billionaires have friends who do not do business with you......and the next thing you know is the think tanks go quiet, the sponsors quit, your friends do not return your calls...........and you finally get a whisper from someone that it is over for your career.

It is why I have some advice for Matt Walsh. Confess what a whore you are and all the other secrets you know about Glenn Beck and those prostitutes you run with, and beg Donald Trump's forgiveness.

Notice now Mattster that I did not say trash Big Koch or the Sub Operationals or you are going to end up like Breitbart or worse as your pimps play for keeps as you pissed around thinking this was all just some dick extender for your little tattoo body ejaculation on a keyboard.

I would though put my brick twin story up for adoption, get a passport for the kid you hide behind, and I would run for my life, as you are not man enough to go through what I have been through. I would suggest Uruguay where you could crawl up some nice Nazi's ass down there to protect you, if you stop looking like a faggot and put on a suit.....probably get a job where you could fetch birds on Nazi hunting shoots when you are not teaching the kids how to speak English.

That is what I would do Matt Walsh, as your pathetic whining about having to pay the bill for being a whore is only making me laugh and shows what a pathetic wimp you are hiding behind a keyboard barking at a real man like Donald Trump. Face it Matt, you are a cuckservative, a real cock on your breath, down on your knees whore like Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. You burned all of your bridges, but unlike Peggy Noonan, you were not bright enough after going for you Mormons, you never redeemed yourself early in backing Donald Trump.

I really do not want to see you gulping your bottle of booze and slitting your wrists as the pressure gets too much for you. So take the advice, sell your house, make plans to get out of the country, rat out your other whores to give you some cover, and then hope your Ted Cruz latins do not rape your ass raw in your exile or make off with your you really never thought about any of this Matt Walsh, that regimes have consequences and when you have family, your first priority is protecting them, and not crawling up Glenn Beck's A hole.

That is the difference in the Popular Girl, in while all of you were being hand fed, I was being back handed, and I never whined about being silenced as God had me on a job.

Thing is Matt Walsh, I was Inspired by God to assist in this Jehu mission while you were still picking turds off of Jeb Bush's ass and cucking them for Milk Duds. Now the future is one where I am not going to have any problems from a Trump Administration as I was busy putting out all the back fires you and Levin were igniting.

One last bit of advice Matt the next Revolution in South America, remember the Lame Cherry maxim in, political movements are not led, they are only things where the smart leader gets out ahead of the movement to save themselves. I don't know though Mattard, you might be one of those who likes Vaseline and wants to be caught by the Benghazi just take along a case of the petroleum lube with you and you can just think with your ass down there, as your shit for brains here in sucking off Beck has exposed what a fool you are.

Oh and Mattardio, stop digging your hole deeper in saying Jeff Sessions sold his have enough problems without 10 million armed Confederates not being pleased with you.

Just be like Benedict Arnold and fade away into exile.

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