Sunday, February 28, 2016

Our Do Nothing Cruz in the Senate

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There is one thing which stands out about the fraud of Ted Cruz, equal to his being foreign born, and that Ted Cruz puts his name onto a pile of legislation, but none of it ever is signed into law, which means Cruz has absolutely no idea how to work with Republicans, Democrats or the Executive.
Texas could have elected a cow turd and got just as much done.

Here is the list of 3 things Ted Cruz "sponsored" meaning he did not write or author anything, but put his name on it to get credit for other people's work.

OK so you get this in three years, Ted Cruz thought it was a great idea to name an America Street in our Capitol after a citizen to Communist China. Apparently the idea of naming streets after American refuseniks like the murdered LaVoy Finicum has no merit to Stand Down Ted, just Chicoms.

Yes and launching objects into space by private companies...that is really helping you now is it not?

......and offering a 5 million dollar bribe to Muslim terrorists to tell Ted who murdered an Israeli citizen. No reward like that from the Jews, but why not spend American money as we have so much Obama debt.

We hear non stop about how great Ted Cruz is, and Ted Cruz says he is not about to work with Democrats in the Congress as another foreign born occupant of 1600 Penn Avenue, but realizing how much of what Obama has done that needs undoing, and it will require Democrats to you really think that until 2020 AD in the year of Lord, that America is going to solve anything with Ted Cruz's kind of ruling America in a bill bribing terrorists, a bill subsidizing space technical companies (remember Ted hates farmers in Iowa producing ethanol as that is evil) and naming things in America after foreigners?

Has Ted Cruz made any difference in your life, other than making you believe that Ted Cruz has accomplished anything other than Tea Party rhetoric? If that is the case, hell elect me as President, because I actually have done more for you on this keyboard than Ted did in the US Senate.

The reality is that Ted Cruz after his cinderella first few months was about as absent as Marco Rubio from the Senate. I sincerely ask you to think about it, if you only showed up 7 out of 10 days for work, if you would have a job or your boss would fire you. Yet Cruzlings say this is the Mark Levin epitome of all we should desire.

Time Period Votes Eligible Missed Votes Percent Percentile
2013 Jan-Mar 92 1 1.1% 60th
2013 Apr-Jun 76 1 1.3% 34th
2013 Jul-Sep 43 1 2.3% 73rd
2013 Oct-Dec 80 13 16.3% 94th
2014 Jan-Mar 93 0 0.0% 0th
2014 Apr-Jun 123 14 11.4% 90th
2014 Jul-Sep 54 1 1.9% 61st
2014 Nov-Dec 96 13 13.5% 91st
2015 Jan-Mar 135 21 15.6% 97th
2015 Apr-Jun 85 32 37.6% 99th
2015 Jul-Sep 52 7 13.5% 92nd
2015 Oct-Dec 67 20 29.9% 96th
2016 Jan-Feb 26 24 92.3% 98th

If  you notice since November 2014 AD in the year of our Lord, or for almost a year and a half, Ted Cruz is only surpassed in most instances by Marco Rubio for missing work in the Senate. The two Cuban Republicans are thee worst political welfare cheats in Government.

In reality, only one bill in all of Ted Cruz's tenure in the Senate has ever been signed into law and it was this one:

So Ted Cruz has shut down terrorists coming into America through the United Nations, while holding the borders open with both hands when they are not filled with gifts with Glenn Beck for Mexican invaders.

It should be odd to the Cruz supporters to be first reading this I suppose, as why would not Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Matt Walsh and Erick Erickson be telling you all of these things? The reason is Big Koch and Big Fag Billionaire owns all the media for Cruz, and has created a farce in propaganda of Ted Cruz.
Ted Cruz is a worthless politician. He does nothing but spew rhetoric in lying to everyone as he collects a six figure political welfare check, a fat retirement and medical care.

Honestly, most of you reading this, have accomplished more for America in the past 3 years than Ted Cruz did. Those are the facts and there is absolutely nothing denying them.

If you want to vote for Ted Cruz, be honest about it, in you want a Canadian invader, who broke US laws, who wormed his way to the Senate and has done absolutely nothing for Americans in being a con man, as Ted Cruz admitted to his followers in Reverse Speech.
It that is what you want just say it, and stop attacking Donald Trump who has accomplished a great deal more, and for that matter any one has accomplished more by just paying their taxes than Ted Cruz ever has or ever will.

.........or perhaps you agree with this new idea of Ted Cruz, to revoke Citizenship of people SUSPECTED  of being terrorists.......that might sound great to Cruz voters, until you are informed that most of you are on Homeland Terror watch lists already for being Christians and Veterans.
Yes Ted Cruz is pushing a bill that would revoke your Citizenship.

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